Get the scoop on Jasmine Murray

“American Idol” is equal parts well-oiled machine and “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

In other words, tiny little media folk like yours truly can’t talk to contestants or their families – even if they basically live down the road from us – which hurts me because I can’t deliver the story to you myself.

So, I offer you the next best thing: interviews with Jasmine Murray that other folks have done.:)

Look for more as I continue to scour the Web for all things Jasmine!

* Check out Jasmine’s profile on the “American Idol” Web site.

* See her MTV interview here.

* Entertainment Weekly has a big interview featuring all of the Top 13 contestants.

* Also, a film crew visited Mississippi State University Saturday to film some spots about Jasmine. Here’s more info. (thanks Ginny!)

And here are some Jasmine Murray fan sites:

Jasmine Murray’s Official Fan Site on MySpace

Jasmine Murray Fan Club

Jasmine Murray fan Facebook page

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