Going into Thanksgiving…

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

As of yesterday (er, today, too, I guess), I’ve lost 34 pounds (at about 37 pounds I will be half-way through to my goal!).

I’ve lost two sizes, so I’m down from a size 16 to a 12. Just this past weekend, I bought my first medium-sized T-shirt. When I was in high school, I could occasionally wear a medium, if they were cut large; now they fit great. I won’t lie: I totally cried when I tried it on, and it fit perfectly.

So, I’m doing well. I haven’t been to the gym much lately, but that’s because I’ve had this yucky, annoying cold. I’m starting to feel better, so hopefully I can get back in there soon. I really miss it.

And tomorrow’s Thanksgiving. Lots of folks have asked me what my plan is. Well… I’m gonna eat. A lot. And, yeah, I’m gonna eat kinda poorly. Isn’t that what the holidays are about? 🙂

Seriously, really, a lot of my choices are already made for me.

Once you switch to a healthy way of eating, your body basically rejects anything bad for you. I never knew that would happen, but it does. After going for about a month or so on “clean” food – ya know, lots of fresh fruits and veggies and lean protein, no or very few sweets, nothing fried, little oil/grease, etc. – your body just basically rejects this stuff when you eat it, or at least mine does.

Occasionally, I’ve tried to eat poorly – a lot of fried foods or sweets – and I’ll be sick for days after. I just feel yucky, run down, slimy – if there’s a word for it, I don’t know what it is just yet. It’s not emtional. It is purely physical. Sometimes, it will make me physically sick, so I’ll have a sick stomach for at least a day.

So, sometimes I’m tempted by fried foods or something else that’s just really bad for me, but I know it’ll make me sick, and I just don’t want to do that. This horrible feeling/sick tummy makes it very, very easy to say no.

That being said, my contributions for my family’s Thanksgiving tomorrow are certainly not that healthy:

baked turkey breast (OK, so this is actually pretty healthy. this is also my first time to do this! very excited)


sweet potato bake (apparently this also called candied sweet potatoes… all I know is, my dad has asked for this, so I’m going to try to make it)

spicy/sweet pretzel sticks

cheesy-bacony-spinachy dip

Oreo cheesecake

I can have a little of all of this, but not a lot, obviously – except for the turkey.

My biggest worry is how my body will react to the very carb-y dressing. But I plan to eat a lot of it, anyway – after all, we’re using my grandma’s recipe, and this is our frist Thanksgiving without her. Not having any just wouldn’t be right.

So, I’m going to eat, probably pretty poorly, and a lot. If I gain a little, I’ll gain a little. That’s what the gym is for. I’m going to try to listen to my body and eat when I’m hungry, stop when I’m full, and try to make as many healthy choices as I can.

And I’m going to give thanks – for my family, my friends, the food, for my body, for everything else that’s good. 🙂

How are you handling Thanksgiving?

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