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Cory Taylor Cox’s “…Not Just a Dirty Rumor” is available at iTunes and CDBaby.com/corytaylorcox for $10.

OXFORD – Armed with his famous beard and a guitar, Cory Taylor Cox has made a name for himself in the North Mississippi music scene.
That name has mostly been seen on show flyers – the indie singer-songwriter has played seemingly everywhere across the region, from opening for hardcore metal bands to landing gigs at Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe. But Cox has just released his first full-length solo CD, “…Not Just a Dirty Rumor,” and the ever-shifting musician is already plotting what’s next.
“If there were more hours in the day, it’d be a good time to be Cory Taylor Cox,” he said, smiling.

Finding fans
Cox, 24, of Booneville, got his start in music by learning from his dad, also a musician. He picked up the guitar in church and started writing songs, and in 2004 his parents paid for him to record a demo.
“It was a time to throw me in the water and see if I could swim,” he said.
In spring 2005, he started playing gigs around Tupelo, growing a loyal fan base thanks to his heartfelt, offbeat songs like “The Unfortunate Consequences of Damp Socks and Mickey D’s Sweet Tea” and “If Snakes Were On Your Plane, I’d Be the First In Line to Administer the Anti-Venom” and his on-stage banter and jokes. He expanded his fan base when he went to college at the University of North Alabama, and he continues to grow it in Oxford, where he’s getting his graduate degree at the University of Mississippi.
“…Not Just a Dirty Rumor” was recorded over a year in Florence. The 10-track album, which includes “Damp Socks” and “If Snakes Were On Your Plane,” showcases Cox’s solo sound, which infuses acoustic singer-songwriter with shades of folk, indie rock and pop. Holding the actual CD in his hands was “rewarding,” Cox said.
“To open the box and see it have the shrink wrap on it – I didn’t want to take the shrink wrap off,” he said.
Cox said he’s ready to record more songs.
“By now I have enough songs for about 10 more records,” he said.

Always up for a new musical challenge, Cox recently formed a band, Cory Taylor Cox and the Time Machine, with his brother, Zac Cox, Desmond Smith, Tyler Baker and J.B. Clark. Cox calls the band a “loud rock ‘n’ roll bar band” – a far cry from his intimate solo work.
“It’s nice to expand musically in that way,” Cox said. “We’ve been well-received by people at shows.”
2010 holds more touring and more recording for Cox, but no definite plans are in place yet. As always, Cox will be playing music, somehow, someway.
“I’m always writing,” Cox said, “and I want to keep writing, now that I have people to make music with.”

Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

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