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Editor’s note: These are just a small, small portion of recommendations that were sent in. To see all the suggestions – as well as find out who Sheena Barnett recommends – visit the Scene Now blog at NEMS360.com/pages/ scene_now.

Picture it: You’ve got an extra $10 to spend, and you want to use it to fatten up your iPod. What do you buy? Luckily, your fellow music fans in Northeast Mississippi are here for you. We asked readers to send in their music recommendations, and, wow, they responded. These aren’t all the suggestions we received – you can see every full recommendation at the Scene Now blog – but here are just a few.

LocalsBeyond North Mississippi
Bands from beyond the region also received plenty of love.
Popculturefairy wrote about her love for Tarnation and The Handsome Family, who play “old-school country with a side of gothic.”
NEMS360.com user seankaufman recommends the Jackson-based band The Weeks.
“They’re often compared to The Kings of Leon. …. I will say right now I think they’re better than Kings of Leon. I just think they’re that good,” he said.
He also recommends Mumford & Sons, Cory Branan, Miike Snow, A.A. Bondy, Truth & Salvage Company and American Aquarium.
On Twitter, user bighud suggests The Civil Wars, a duo from Nashville.
“Amazing group with amazing melodies and incredible lyrics. Plus you can download their live CD free,” he wrote.
Tupelolady, a NEMS360.com user, sent in love for a host of bands, like Better Than Ezra, the Gabe Dixon Band and others, but she gave a big word-kiss to Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers.
“Simply amazing group of guys. Their live shows are phenomenal! Rock ‘n’ roll, acoustic, country – have even seen them incorporate a kazoo, accordion and keytar into their shows,” she wrote.
From e-mail, ezradaisy said rock band Electric Six gets her moving.
“Electric Six has become a staple of my go-to good mood music,” she wrote. “The albums are only half of it. I’ve gotten to see them once and they give exactly what you expect from a good Detroit band: wloud, rocking sound that leaves you dazed for hours afterwards.”
So, what are you gonna buy?

Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

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