By Michaela Gibson Morris Daily Journal Mississippi’s health woes are well-documented, but its public health advocates have brought home national honors for their efforts to turn the tide. Mississippi Public Health Association was named the outstanding affiliate of the year by the American Public Health Association at its annual conference in November. “We’re honored to […]

The five members of the HealthWorks! team, clockwise from top left, Stephanie Ellis, Kim Burleson, Kathy Tucker, Stephanie Faulconer and Rebecca Goysich, snapped this photo before heading out to a program at Holly Springs Primary School in September. As part of the #Uhaulfamous promotion, the photo is now on 45 trucks in 41 states. (Courtesy)

By Michaela Gibson Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – HealthWorks! is hitching a ride across the country with U-Haul. The Tupelo children’s health education center, known for its tie-dyed, infectious contaminating fun, had a photo accepted in the #Uhaul Famous promotion. A colorful photo taken in September is now in part of photo montages on 45 […]

By Michaela Gibson Morris Daily Journal No one wants to be on the receiving end of holiday germ attacks. But this time of year, germs seem to be out in full force and ready to ruin your party. Whether it’s the crud or a stomach bug, there are steps you can take to reduce your […]

More than 700,000 people in the U.S. suffer a stroke each year. Approximately two-thirds of these individuals survive and require rehabilitation. The goal of rehabilitation is to help survivors become as independent as possible. Although therapy is not a “cure” and does not reverse brain damage, it can help people achieve the best possible outcome. […]

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Kim Burleson, a high-flying kid motivator at HealthWorks!, points out a pulmonary embolism and other lung diseases to children from around the region as they stand inside an inflatable lung while learning about how smoking can damage the lungs.

By Michaela Gibson Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – An inside peek at the effects of smoking can be pretty convincing. Using two sets of preserved pig lungs, HealthWorks! high-flying kid motivator Kim Burleson showed a group of home-school students how their lungs could be affected by smoking during a program at the Tupelo children’s health […]

JACKSON (AP) – The University of Mississippi Medical Center is renovating a vacant building to serve as an isolation and treatment unit in the event of a confirmed or probable Ebola case in Mississippi. UMMC officials said in a news release Monday that the stand-alone structure is removed from other patient-care facilities on the Jackson […]

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During Doris Young’s last days, she was surrounded by family, including her husband of 68 years Ronnie Young and daughter Carol Ann Coker in her Bristow Acres  home. The support of NMMC Hospice staff members, like social worker Shirley Wood, was invaluable in helping them take care of Doris Young at home. Young passed away on Monday.

By Michaela Gibson Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – Hospice helped Carol Ann Coker keep her promise to her mother. Doris Young died at her Tupelo home Monday evening, surrounded by her family. Her husband of 68 years, Ronnie Young held her hand as she took her last breaths. For months, North Mississippi Medical Center Hospice […]

While contagious viruses are active year round, fall and winter are when we are all most vulnerable to them. This is largely because people spend more time indoors with others when the weather gets cold. Because colds and flu share many of the same symptoms, it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference based on […]

By Michaela Gibson Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – Saturday marks the first day of health insurance hunting season. Mississippians, especially those who can’t access health insurance through their employer, can go shopping on The federal insurance marketplace is the only place consumers can access premium tax credits or a cost-sharing subsidy provided by the […]