HED:Preventive steps to avoid job burnout


HED:Preventive steps to avoid job burnout

Following are tips for handling job stress and resulting burnout.

*Set priorities: Approach your work in a realistic way.

*List your priorities: Don’t overburden your memory.

*Avoid trying to do several things at one time.

*Take your breaks and ENJOY them. Walk outside, read something non-work related or rest and put your feet up.

*Occasionally treat yourself to a different lunch. Meet a friend or visit a nearby museum or park.

*Don’t make a habit of taking work home with you. Consider occasionally coming early or staying late.

*Avoid drinking caffeine products, like coffee and soft drinks. They can actually add to stress.

*Avoid heavy foods for breakfast and lunch. They will zap your energy later.

*Start your day with a nutritional breakfast.

*Get a good night’s sleep. Rest is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Source: “Structured Exercises in Stress Management” developed by Nancy Loving Tubesing and Donald A. Tubesing, 1990

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