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Finding bloodhound bed can be challenging

Dear Heloise: I have a 140-pound bloodhound, and finding a bed that he could fit his long body in at a reasonable price was a challenge. My sister was throwing away a crib mattress, and I thought it might work for Bob.

The mattress is plastic; therefore, it does not absorb odors like most foam or fiberfill pet beds and can be covered with an inexpensive crib sheet. Crib mattresses are also good insulators from cold floors and have support.

Best of all, you can almost always find them cheaply at local garage sales. Bob loves his “new” high bed. – Holly Klan, Manasquan, N.J.

Dear Readers: Holly the Dalmatian and her pal Hope the rabbit are really true pals. Carol and Gene Wroblewski of Brick, N.J., say the pets love to relax together, cuddling on a couch side by side. It’s amazing how many different species of animals become “best friends.”

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Dear Heloise: I feed birds all year-round, and the winters here can be very harsh, so I make sure the bird feeders are full every day.

Last year, lots of seeds fell in the snow, which covered them until the snow thawed. Now we put steppingstones under the feeders so the seeds will fall on them, rather than the cold ground.

The sun warms up the stones faster than the ground, making it easier for ground-feeding birds to eat. — S. Baker, South Bend, Ind.


Do you feed a dog and cat together, and the dog tries to eat the cat’s food? There is a great solution! If you have an old, plastic laundry basket, cut an opening in one side for the cat to fit through.

Place the food on a plastic mat under the laundry basket, and the cat can crawl through and eat, but the dog can’t get to it. This makes for a very happy cat.


Dear Heloise: There is a way to capture a pet hamster or gerbil that has escaped from its cage. My hamster got out and was gone for a day, but came back to my “trap,” and now he is perfectly happy in his cage.

I took a deep container, put soft cloths on the bottom, then put a few paper towels on top. I put some of the hamster food in the center of the paper towel and leaned a piece of wood against the container so little Joey could climb up. It worked like a charm. — Jim S., Phoenix

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Photo Caption: Hope the rabbit is cuddling with Holly the Dalmatian. Carol and Gene Wroblewski of Brick, N.J., say the two animals are best of friends!

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