Here’s the cinematic cream and crud of 2009

By M. Scott Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

The cream is supposed to rise to the top, but for Screen Scene’s look back at 2009, we start with the crud.
Kelli Karlson with Wizard 106.7 had a terrible time watching “Halloween II,” which is about a crazed madman on a small-town killing spree.
“It was like they had a surplus of fake blood that they had to use,” she said.
Her next “lowlight” is the thriller “Last House on the Left,” which is so bad that it drove her to song: “It was ahhhhhhhw-fuuullll.”
Karlson gave Fs to “Halloween II” and “Last House.” She gave the same grade to “Transylmania,” but would’ve preferred to have given something lower.
“It was as bad as the other two combined,” she said.
Surely the universe is out of whack, but Karlson and I found room to agree.
The violence in “Halloween II” is relentless to the point of being ridiculous, and “Transylmania” takes stupid to new lows.
I also didn’t care for “Crank: High Voltage.” At the end of that movie, a character turns to the camera and gives the audience a one-finger salute. Right back at you, dude.

Good stuff
Karlson was told to limit herself to three good movies. She refused, and offered these five:
• “Gran Torino.”
• “Star Trek.”
• “Blind Side.”
• “Taken.”
• “(500) Days of Summer.”
“When people ask for a list, those are the five movies I say they’ve got to see,” she said.
Those were all great movies, but “Star Trek” is the only one of her picks to make my list. I gave it an A for the review on Wizard 106.7, then gave it an A plus after I wrote the review for Scene and realized how much fun I’d had watching it.
“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” came out in 2008, but it didn’t come to Tupelo until 2009. Some thought it was too long, but I was wrapped up in the story, the settings and the novelty of watching a man age in reverse.
My third A plus for the year goes to “Up,” the animated flick from Disney/Pixar. It’s an action/adventure/comedy that cuts straight to the heart from the opening credits.
There’s your cream and crud from the movie review crew. Come back next week, when we start building next year’s list.

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