Hickory Flat man involved in upcoming Oxford film festival

By Joyce Brock/Southern Advocate News Editor

OXFORD – A Hickory Flat man was involved in the production of two films to be aired during the Oxford Film Festival 2011.
The Oxford Film Festival will open on Thursday, Feb. 10 at the Lyric Theatre. The Festival will continue through Saturday, Feb. 13 at the Malco Theater with festival films, panels, workshops and more. Among the dozens of works scheduled to be shown during the festival are “Where I Begin” and “River City Dead”, the two films in which Joey Gowdy was involved.
Gowdy invested in “Where I Begin,” directed by Thomas Phillips, to help cover production costs for the film. He worked one day on-set for the film, portraying a salon clerk named Tim. The scene was filmed at a salon in Oxford. Although the salon scene was cut from the festival version of the film, it will be included on the DVD.
Gowdy also invested in “River City Dead,” directed by Daniel Lee, to help cover production costs. He worked two days on-set at the Link Centre in Tupelo for this film. He played a suited zombie in the movie. In addition, Gowdy’s General Lee replica car was used in a midnight scene for the film.
Gowdy related that helping directors Phillips and Lee financially complete their films was fulfilling, even before being involved on-set.
“Humbly meeting the cast and crew was an awesome bonus – everyone was great!,” he said.
This is not Gowdy’s first foray into the film industry. In the late 1990s, he began doing voiceovers for video games, including “Bid for Power,” “Brave Fencer Musashi” and “Stitch: Experiment 626.” He has been involved with films such as “Ginger Snaps,” “Colonial Warriors,” and “Matter of Life and Death.” He also played the role of a diabetic patient on “House MD.”
According to Gowdy, the highlight of his career was filming “Matter of Life and Death” with Joseph Mazzello (Jurassic Park, The Pacific) and Rachael Leigh Cook (Shes All That, Kingdom Hearts). He also enjoyed traveling to Boston in 2005 to film “Colonial Warriors.”
It is no accident that Gowdy is involved in the industry. He says that he knew early in life what he wanted to do. ”
“At a very early age I had dared to dream the impossible in hopes of someday making it possible. I recall always going around posing for photos and craving attention when the old 8MM HVC camera was rolling. I recall doing stopmotion with G.I.Joe and Transformer toys when I was around 5 and loved cosplay costumes and being in many elementary school plays. So the passion for it had always been there,” he said.
After doing voiceover work in the 1990s, Gowdy traveled to Canada to be an extra in horror film “Ginger Snaps.”
“That is when I knew this is the industry I would be involved with,” said Gowdy.
In 2006, Gowdy studied at The Acting Corps alongside Ayla Kell (Make It or Break It) under Eugene Buica (Pit Boss), learning several techniques including Chekhov, Grotowski and Meisner. As a child, Gowdy attended Hickory Flat Attendance Center.
To learn more about Gowdy, visit www.JoeyGowdy.com. To learn more about the Oxford Film Festival, visit www.oxfordfilmfest.com.

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