Hidden-money scavenger game craze hits Tupelo

moneyBy Sheena Barnett

Daily Journal

TUPELO – There’s some money hidden somewhere in Tupelo, and thousands are trying to find it.

Hidden cash scavenger hunts have popped up across the country in just the last few weeks, after a millionaire in San Francisco began hiding envelopes of money in the city and posting clues to his Twitter account, @HiddenCash. He’s taken his game worldwide, but Tupelo has its own game that’s being run by someone local.

More than 5,000 have liked the Hidden Money Tupelo Facebook page, and it’s been in action for only a week.

As is typically the case in hidden money games, the person who runs the page wishes to remain anonymous. The organizer communicated with the Daily Journal via Facebook.

The idea for Hidden Money Tupelo, the organizer said, “stemmed from the hunts we used to have here in the summers. Money in a hidden Coke can, etc.”

The game is simple: Like the Hidden Money Tupelo Facebook page and watch for clues. Share and like the clues to earn more clues, and go search for the cash.

“It’s a scavenger hunt with clues and hints and real money hidden within the city limits. Clues and hints for the current hunt are in the timeline. All clues and hints (for all hunts) are located in the ‘Notes’ section,” the organizer said.

If you find the money, take a photo of it and post it on Facebook with where you found it.

The person organizing Hidden Money Tupelo isn’t funding the game. Sponsors donate the money to use in the game. Sponsor likes count toward getting clues faster.

So far, $280 has been given away in three hunts. The first hunt was worth $80, and the second and third hunts were for $100 each.

“Future hunts will be $100 minimum,” the mystery organizer said.

The first prize was hidden in a covered power socket in Fairpark, and the second was in the 200 block of West Main Street, hidden in a toilet being used as a flowerpot. The third prize was found in the garden at Lifeline Fellowship.

Hidden Money Tupelo’s organizer said the page started “on a whim and (with) no plan.” When asked what the future holds – will the game last just this summer? until the money runs out? – the organizer said the page’s future is “open.”


  • Fireman17

    After what happen at Tupelo-Lee Humane Society hope who ever is running the game comes out and help them out..

  • lee

    Youll get banned if you ask hard questions someone needs to investigate this person.

  • Jon

    I’m really excited that this is happening in Tupelo. I love that people are wandering around town damaging private property for a couple of bucks.

  • rebelman

    Plus the fact that there was a serious case of dissappearing money yesterday. At least 7 people searched the area that the money was found in and it wasn’t found, however the person that found it said they easily found it in under 5 mins. Id would be weary of giving money to this guy to hide if i were area businesses.