Hitting the reset button

So, did I ever learn to become a morning person?

Have I lost any more weight?



Yeah. I tried waking up in the mornings but my body was having none of that. I am a night owl, through and through.

And have I lost any more weight? Actually, I’ve gained about 5 pounds. Thanks to lots of Elvis events – which equals many late nights for me – I didn’t work out almost at all last week, and I ate when I could, so I ate poorly. I was surprised how quickly I fell back into old habits.

So, I gained. I’m trying to be better this week – way more Greek yogurt, way less fried stuff.

I’m trying to get my metabolism going, because it’s basically not. I haven’t been sleeping well – late nights early mornings x nightmares = no good sleep for Sheena – so I know that’s part of the problem, too.

But I think I sort of needed to hit this restart button on things, and try – yet again, and hopefully successfully this time – to get rid of these last 20 pounds.

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