Home and Garden Briefs May 10, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

MG plant sale brings in more than $8,000
The Lee County Master Gardeners pocketed more than $8,000 at their annual plant sale in April.
With an estimated crowd of more than 400 people, the four-hour sale raised $8,271, said Susan McGukin, program associate for volunteer management at Mississippi State University’s Extension Service for Lee County.
“A perfect spring morning brought out an early crowd,” McGukin said. “We counted 109 customers in line prior to opening the gates at 8 a.m., which led to a shopping frenzy during the first 30 minutes of the sale.”
The proceeds go toward supporting 15 current Master Gardener projects, from Jr. Master Gardener classes to demonstration gardens to the Learning Series to the Ashbury Court Senior Citizen Gardens. The Lee County group also sponsors two annual horticulture scholarships to Mississippi State University.

What’s new: Lights go on when power goes out
A Solon company has developed an emergency home lighting system that uses wireless technology to turn on lights automatically in a power outage.
The heart of the Mr. Beams ReadyBright system is a control unit you keep plugged into an electrical outlet. The instant the power goes out, the battery-operated unit illuminates to become a flashlight. It also sends a wireless signal that turns on all the other ReadyBright lights in the home.
The lights can be ordered at www.mrbeams.com. A starter house kit with one controller, one ceiling light and one path light costs $69.99 but is currently on sale for $59.99.

Repairing a DVD
Q: I have a DVD that jumps and stops at a certain point. It appears to have some scratches. How can I get rid of them?
A: Try cleaning the DVD first. Netflix says you can use Windex and a paper towel, although I’d probably use a soft cloth. Wipe in straight lines from the center to the outer edge, not in a circular motion.
If the DVD still gives you trouble, try working a little toothpaste or wax into the scratches, or use a liquid made for repairing CDs and DVDs, the technology website Digital Trends recommends. Use several thin layers, and let the disc dry a little while. Then buff it lightly, again working in straight lines from the center to the edge.
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