Home and Gardening Briefing March 1, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

Learning series offers
two gardening classes
The Lee County Master Gardener Learning Series continues with two classes, “Gardening 101” on March 12 at 6 p.m. and “Totally Tomatoes: America’s Favorite Vegetable” on March 26 at 3:30 p.m. and 6 p.m.
“Gardening 101” is for the beginner gardener who needs to know the basics of planting a garden. If you’ve never gardened before and don’t have any idea how to begin, this class is for you. The presenter will be Sandy Witt.
“Totally Tomatoes” will show you ins and outs of tomatoes and how to grow them from start to finish. The presenter will be Lonnie Neaves.
Both classes are free and will be held at the Lee County Extension Office on Cliff Gookin Boulevard. Call (662) 841-9000 to sign-up.

On the shelf: Guide
covers seed basics
“Starting Seeds” is a basic guide to growing plants from seed, whether they’re started indoors or out.
The book takes readers through the whole process of seed starting – deciding what to grow, determining when to start the seeds, sowing them, caring for seedlings and, in the case of seeds started indoors, transplanting them to the garden.
Author Barbara Ellis includes lists of easy seeds to start with as well as information and helpful pointers to boost the chances of success.
“Starting Seeds” is published by Storey Publishing and sells for $8.95 in paperback.

3M spackling product
doubles as a primer
3M Patch Plus Primer eliminates the need to prime spackled areas before painting.
The spackling paste contains tiny particles that create a primer-like film on the surface, unlike other spackling products that can cause a change in paint sheen. The product dries fast and won’t shrink or crack, but it’s as strong as heavyweight spackling, the company says.
It comes in a square package that accommodates a 3-inch-wide putty knife.
3M Patch Plus Primer has a suggested retail price of $5.99 and is available at home improvement centers and paint and hardware stores.

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