The porch ceilings of Old South homes often were painted blue. Some said it would fool the bugs into thinking the ceiling was the sky, so they’d fly away to hide from birds and no longer pester us. Others say it was to ward off ghosts, which inspired Sherwin-Williams’ Haint Blue – named after departed […]

I make a point every week to walk around our plant trial beds at the Coastal Research and Extension Center in Biloxi to see how everything is growing. Lately, I’ve been impressed by some of the landscape plants with tropical-looking foliage that are putting on a late summer show right now. While it’s too late […]

Little Lime Hardy hydrangeas begin to bloom in mid-June with soft green blooms that may be up to 10 inches across. (Courtesy)

Choosing the correct hydrangeas for your landscape can be confusing. Do they need sun or shade? Do they bloom on new wood or old? What makes the blooms different colors? The answers require a little research into the more than 70 species of hydrangeas. Planting hydrangeas in the correct location can make the difference between […]

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Jon and Lori Strope bought a home built in 1930 on South Church Street in April and are working to restore it to its former glory.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – When Lori and Jon Strope moved to Tupelo from Wisconsin in 1973, they lived in a house on Stewart Drive for 15 years. Then they decided to build their own dream home on Laurelwood Lane. “We built it from the ground up – we laid the foundation,” Lori […]

The Green Clearwing dragonfly is one of the most beautiful insects in the Earth Lady’s garden, but she is a true femme fatale. A ferocious predator, this emerald green dragonfly with intricate, diaphanous wings is cold-hearted and ruthless when she preys upon other flying insects. Perched on a branch that overhangs the pond, she watches […]

What is your idea of an excellent tree? Perhaps you might describe such as small and manageable in size, one that is evergreen with beautiful flowers, and hardy. If this matches your idea of an excellent tree, you are probably describing the beautiful ‘Little Gem’ magnolia. This beauty is the epitome of a low-maintenance tree. […]

Because this is the second week of August, we can rest assured that it’s going to be hot in our Mississippi gardens and landscapes. To tell you the truth, I like the heat. We visited Las Vegas in July several years ago and toured around that part of the country, even going to Death Valley. […]

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The spacious bedroom features a sitting area with two mismatched chairs that appear to be a pair because they’re covered in the same fabric.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal FULTON – Deborah Tierce looks at old buildings through rose-colored glasses. She sees an old body shop and pictures a family gathering place. A dilapidated barn becomes a quaint cottage with amazing loft space. A cinderblock meat market is transformed into eclectic apartments. “I like old rustic stuff – nothing […]

Much like a voice constantly whispering in your ear, your décor’s story can either make or break you. You may not be listening to it but, day and night, your décor is talking to you, and it’s influencing the quality of your life. You may think your story is a secret, but it’s out there. […]