Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but nobody wants your stuff anymore – not even your kids. If you were born before 1946 and think I’m exaggerating, talk to your Boomer children, your Generation X grandchildren, or your great-grand Millennials. Better yet, talk to friends who’ve recently downsized their residences and have tried […]

This is the awards season, and the horticulture community won’t be left out. The Mississippi Medallion winners have been announced. This year’s Outstanding Performance in the Landscape winners are Vermillionaire cuphea, Conversation Piece azalea, Patio Snacker cucumber and Japanese persimmon. Vermillionaire cuphea (flowering annual/perennial category) is one plant that has definitely earned its spot in […]

All living organisms need both food and water to survive, and plants are no exception. Plants extract their nutrients from water through their roots. Too much water and the plant cells stop absorbing nutrients, while too little water causes the stomata (minuscule holes in the leaves) to dry out and close. Plants must be given […]

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal NEW ALBANY – One year ago, Logan Rutledge had big plans for a 1,000-square-foot mid-century modern-style dental clinic in downtown New Albany. His vision was to turn it into an environmentally friendly single-family home. Today, he has done just that. Rutledge purchased the old Parks’ Dental Clinic, built in 1958 […]

Birdwatching is a never-ending quest for that ever-elusive bird, and even though the Earth Lady’s Life List of birds that she has identified is quite impressive, there are a few gaps, especially when it comes to waterfowl. Of course, it helps if one has a bay, lake, or pond nearby, and a duck blind would […]

Soon spring will be sprung upon us! Warm breezes will encourage our garden soils to push up green fronds and budding branches into leaf and bloom. Who among us is not ready to see fresh, green growth in the garden? If you want to increase the number of plants you have, consider the garden process […]

This past weekend was glorious and I appreciated puttering around my yard and landscape. It’s not often that we can enjoy a Saturday and Sunday in February with temperatures in the mid-70s and bright sunny skies. But I had to take a step back and remember that our last frost free date on the coast […]

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – Organization expert Peter Walsh knows first-hand what it’s like to sift through a lifetime of possessions. When he and his siblings moved their mother to an assisted living facility a few years ago, they went through the process of downsizing the family home in Australia. “Navigating the process […]

Minimalist: Do you own few possessions by choice, do you like your spaces to be serene and uncluttered, do you let your belongings have lots of breathing room and do you believe ‘less is more’? Essentialist: Do you own some, though not many possessions, do you like your spaces to be comfortably decorated, but do […]