More homes are sold during the spring and summer than are ever sold in the fall and winter – more than twice as many. Chances are if you are selling yours, you’ll want it to look good, stand out from all the others and sell fast, fast, fast. There are two questions buyers ask themselves […]

No time to enjoy your garden in the daylight hours? Try planting a garden for evening pleasure. The concept of planting a garden for the evening is not a new idea as it has been practiced for hundreds of years. It is, however a new concept for many of us who plant mostly for daytime […]

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal The Lee County Extension Office will offer the following interactive video programs. Each session will be held at noon at the Extension Office at 5338 Cliff Gookin Blvd. in Tupelo. • Vermicomposting 101 will be offered July 23. Kandiace Gray, extension associate for plant and soil sciences, will show you […]

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A torenia, foreground, adds a pop of purple to the Hodnetts' backyard.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal NETTLETON – Danny Hodnett often gets second glances when people drive by his home on Metts Road. Hanging from a pecan tree and a pine tree are dozens of baskets of colorful flowers and other plants that seem to be suspended in mid-air. “People stop and ask if they can […]

Emanating from the fireplace in the Earth Lady’s parlor, there is a cacophonous, yet merry, chirping of baby birds. While such a sound might be disconcerting, even alarming, to those homeowners who still have real working fireplaces and chimneys, for the Earth Lady and other like-minded birders, this twittering sound confirms that the chimney swifts […]

Our gardens and landscapes are heating up, and for hot summer color, you just can’t beat the annual vinca. In my opinion, vinca is one of those perfect landscape plants. It produces loads of color and handles the high heat and dry conditions of our Mississippi summers. Some of the very best vinca plantings I […]

June: Wow! June bugs, June brides and for the gardener, the year is half gone and it’s time to think about second crops. Plant crape myrtles while blooming to be sure of their color. Plant caladiums in shady areas. Plant summer annuals such as four o’clocks, periwinkles, cockscomb, impatiens and sunflowers. Zinnias and marigolds can […]

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Mike Hill of Oxford makes custom tables, jewelry boxes, display trays and other items at his workshop in Oxford. The retired firefighter divides his free time between woodworking and restoring old Corvettes.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal OXFORD – Mike Hill’s late father, Glenn, was of a generation, that generation of men and women who fixed things, rather than tossing them and buying something new. Consequently, Mike Hill learned to tinker and putter alongside his father at an early age. So it came as no surprise that […]

• Small rugs: A small rug placed between furniture (with no furniture touching it) can make your décor pop with pattern or color, but a rug that’s too small can be worse than no rug at all. Try laying your furniture and small rug diagonally – they will take up more space and energize your […]