Organic gardening has in recent years become more popular as gardeners want to garden without using synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on their plants. Organic gardening is not a new concept; our great grandparents gardened in this manner before the use of chemicals that were developed during World War II. Think of organic gardening as a […]

With St. Patrick’s Day almost here, I’m reminded of the good old days trying to find lucky four-leaf clovers in my lawn as a kid. Of course, some years it was hard because clover is a weed and my dad would spray to get rid of them. Clover normally has three leaves, but sometimes a […]

As your English teacher insisted, a declarative or interrogative sentence must be followed by the correct punctuation, and for the butterfly enthusiast, clarity in identifying butterflies is sometimes just a matter of a punctuation mark. Such is the case with two very similar brush-footed butterflies, the Question Mark and the Comma. A cursory, passing glance […]

There’s a mystique about heirloom tomatoes that causes me to get several phone calls each spring from gardeners interested in growing these fascinating plants. Let’s set one thing straight right now. There isn’t just one heirloom tomato; there are literally hundreds. These are not the perfect mass-produced hybrid tomatoes found in the seed racks and […]

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Buff Orpington chickens have a large pen to run around in during the day and a house to roost in overnight.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal STARKVILLE – Sometimes, all it takes is a little push to get you where you’re supposed to be in your life. In the case of Alison and Mike Buehler, that push was a 5,000-square-foot mess of a house in Starkville. Alison, a special education major with a doctorate in educational […]

For three decades, Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi studied creative people to see how they live and work. His “Creativity: The Work and Lives of 91 Eminent People” highlights nine contradictory traits creative people often share. Want to be creative without reading his book? Be flexible. Non-creative people pigeon-hole themselves by thinking and doing things in a […]

Every gardener has questions; every season brings new opportunities for learning. No matter how much we learn on our own – trial and error combined with interested observation teaches a lot – there is always more to learn. When you have questions, help is only a click or a phone call away. With smart phones […]

Today is Valentine’s Day, and the most frequently given gift by far is flowers. What is the most popular flower given on Valentine’s Day? If you said roses – then, ding, ding, ding – you’re a winner. But have you ever wondered how we can walk into almost any florist and find these beautiful flowers […]

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Tim Burress, "That Gardenin' Guy," waters a tray of milkweed plants that will feed Monarch butterfly caterpillars this summer in the greenhouse at his home near New Albany.

By Errol Castens Daily Journal NEW ALBANY – For years, Tim Burress was best known for repairing, restoring and customizing vehicles in his “Colors By Tim” business. In recent years, however, he’s become the go-to guy for information and inspiration on all things horticultural. As a Mississippi State University Extension Service Master Gardener, magazine writer, […]