Bacteria, fungi, and countless other microscopic creatures have overwintered in your garden soil! Most are beneficial, even vital in keeping your plants healthy, but there are also some that cause diseases. You cannot eliminate them, but you can reduce the damage they cause. How they cause damage: • Bacteria enter plants through openings in roots […]

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A soil test encourages plant growth by providing the best lime and fertilizer recommendations and diagnosing whether there is too little or too much of a nutrient in an area where you wish to plant.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – A day or two of warm, sunny weather here and there may have you thinking it’s time to start getting seeds and plants in the ground, but if you’re smart, you’ll be patient and wait a couple of months. “It’s really too early to plant anything, but it […]

We use color to express our personality. Most everyone has a favorite color. What’s yours? What does it mean? And what’s the best way to live with it as paint on your walls? Neutrals – beige, biscuit, buff, café au lait, camel, cream, ecru, fawn, khaki, mushroom, oatmeal, off-white, sand, tan, taupe – all have […]

Layering may sound like it involves cake baking, but experienced gardeners know layering is an excellent way to produce no-cost plants. Simple layering is a technique that works well for climbing roses, forsythia, quince, butterfly bush, clematis, pyracantha, azalea, hydrangea and a host of other plants. When I was a young gardener, an older relative […]

Cold winter weather causes changes in the foliage of many evergreen plants, including making them express new colors. For instance, Japanese cleyera produces rich, velvety burgundy foliage along with bright red petioles. I really like the way the boxwoods in my landscape develop a warm, orangey-bronze, but if I had to pick my favorite evergreen […]

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The Magnolias was built in 1850.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal ABERDEEN – Stepping through the doors of The Magnolias is like looking back in time. The Greek Revival-style home was built in 1850 by slaves, many of them craftsmen, for Dr. William Sykes and his wife, Rebecca, and their nine children. “The Sykeses had plantations out in the prairie land […]

Fifty years ago today, the state funeral was held at St. Paul’s Cathedral for Sir Winston Churchill. In Great Britain, thousands of people paid their final respects to this inimitable wartime leader who had inspired and led them with his eloquent words and resolute character in their “finest hour,” ultimately saving the world for democracy. […]

If you’re like me and most other home gardeners, you want shrubs to have multiseason interest and be versatile, beautiful and low maintenance. This is no small list to consider when looking for shrubs at the garden center or nursery. I may know the ideal shrub that has all these traits and is also a […]

Witch hazel shrubs are filled with acid yellow spidery filaments. (Courtesy)

The bark of common witch hazel, a native to Eastern North America, was used by American Indians to make tea or mixed with animal fats into a poultice because of its therapeutic qualities. A natural astringent, witch hazel soothes irritated skin, shrinks inflamed tissues, is an ingredient in cleansers, pore tightening products and aftershaves, and […]