By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – Starting plants from seeds is as easy as following the directions on the packet, but a little advice from the pros never hurts. To start, you need three things: the seeds, something to plant the seeds in and a potting medium. “Make sure you buy seeds from a […]

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – When it comes to home renovations, the kitchen is often the first thing homeowners want to tackle. More and more, the kitchen has become the gathering place in the home and an updated space can add tremendous value to it when you decide to sell. But where do […]

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Bettie Fellows of Mid-South Nursery shows off an air plant, or Tillandsia, tucked inside a hanging glass globe. Air plants get their nutrients from the atmosphere and don’t need soil to grow.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal When Bettie Fellows was a teenager some 50 years ago, working at her father’s store on East Main Street, air plants were all the rage. “They were actually seaweed that had been painted a light mossy green – they looked like ferns,” said Fellows, of Mid-South Nursery in Tupelo. “You […]

Did you know that for about $30 you can give your outdated dishwasher the beautiful look of stainless steel or brushed nickel? Use Peel-and-Stick appliance contact paper to make the front of an old dishwasher shine like new again. Unless you’re really talented with a wallpaper knife, you’ll get better results by removing the front […]

As I walked around my landscape this weekend, I was really impressed with how my three winter staples – pansies, violas and Telstar dianthuses – are enjoying the lengthening days and a little bit of warmer weather. They are blooming like crazy, almost in response to what I’ve been thinking: It’s time to start planning […]

Are you looking for a late winter/early spring blooming perennial? You might want to consider the Lenten rose. Although the Lenten rose is not a member of the rose family, it is also known by the names Christmas rose, winter rose and snow rose. The name Lenten rose actually comes from its bloom time, around […]

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – For the ninth year, the Master Gardeners of Lee County will offer a series of lectures intended to educate, entertain and inspire area gardeners. The 2016 Educational Series kicks off March 8 and concludes Aug. 9. Five different hourlong classes will be offered this year, with four of […]

Sparrows have an undeserved reputation for being rather plain and ordinary, and the ornithologically challenged are prone to dismiss these little birds with a trite phrase, such as, “Oh, it is just a sparrow.” Yes, it is true that most sparrows do not sport showy, colorful plumage, but the subdued hues of their feathers are […]

It’s that time of year when gardeners across the state start planning their vegetable gardens. After I wrote recently about the heirloom tomato Cherokee Purple being chosen as a Mississippi Medallion winner, I’ve dreamed about the heirloom tomatoes destined to become my tasty chili and spaghetti sauce next winter. Now I know you’re probably thinking, […]