Last month while helping Nevedia Hollingsworth select custom window shades for her home in Shannon, she showed me why she wanted to cover her beautiful windows. Afternoon sunlight streaming through the western window wall had bleached the backs and sides of her new leather sofa, club chair and ottoman. Hollingsworth had just finished restoring a […]

Clothes, jewelry and shoes are not the only things that go in and out of fashion; it’s also true with herbs, of all things. Think of American pokeweed (Phytolacca americana) and common dandelion. In years past, they were welcomed greens – signs of spring – that meant an end to stored foods. But no more, […]

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Dean and Betty Hancock enjoy their back yard year-round, especially this seating area by the fireplace, where they often eat dinner on pleasant nights.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – Some folks have yards that shine with blooming trees, shrubs and flowers in spring, summer or fall. For Dean and Betty Hancock, the beauty is year-round. The Hancocks bought their five-acre property on Cla-Wood in 1998. It was the old Asters home (think Connie’s Fried Chicken) and had […]

In November of 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt traveled to the Mississippi Delta to do a little bear hunting. As luck would have it, the president, unlike the other hunters in the group, was unable to locate a bear. His hosts, in a misguided effort to be hospitable, had the legendary bear hunter Holt Collier find […]

If you see frost, then you know the temperature of the object it is on reached 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. (Courtesy)

As summer winds down, we can expect autumn to bring beautiful fall colors, shorter days, a harvest moon, and frost on the pumpkin. You might ask, “What, exactly, is frost?” Frost is the formation of thin ice crystals on the ground or other surfaces in the form of scales, needles, feathers or fans. Frost forms […]

This weekend, the thermometer in my garden got down to the low 30s and left me wondering if I’ve seen the last of my tomatoes and peppers. But it also reminded me that it’s time to transition to plants that thrive in lower temperatures. Ornamental kale is one of my favorites for the cool season. […]

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"Everybody who lives around here tells us, 'My, I love coming to your yard,'" said Patsy Hutson. Her husband, Dr. Tom Hutson, took out a portion of hedge so passersby could get a better view.

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – It’s one thing to make a romantic promise, and quite another to follow through. Some 66 years ago, Dr. Tom and Patsy Hutson said their “I dos” in front of family and friends. They agreed to the things most newlyweds agree to. They also had a special […]

When HGTV first aired (Dec. 1, 1994), who’d have guessed 20 years later it would have some of the most habit-forming shows on TV. Approximately 100 million American households with cable get HGTV and fully 75 percent of its viewers own their home. As one HGTV episode ends, another starts. Viewers watch on average two […]

Today birds are threatened by habitat loss and many of us try to “save” our feathered friends by providing feeders, planting berries or leaving seed-producing weeds or bushes in the backyard. But did you know that you might be breaking the law if you have a bird feeder out back? Revised Rule 2.4 from the […]