There is nothing quite so dramatic or exciting as a Giant Swallowtail butterfly fluttering about the garden, and after a tornado, such a beautiful butterfly is symbolic of hope and renewal. With its languid, yet rhythmic, flight pattern, it methodically visits flower after flower. Unlike so many butterflies, the Giant Swallowtail is not skittish and […]

Did you know bells work well in the landscape? For years, one of my favorite landscape plants has been Heuchera, commonly called coral bells. I don’t think you can beat the landscape punch of texture and color these plants bring. Coral bells bloom, but I grow them strictly for the foliage. I’m gaining appreciation for […]

If the idea of a vegetable garden in the backyard is overwhelming, or more of a time commitment than you can manage, think smaller. Growing vegetables in containers will not make you self-sufficient, but you may be surprised to learn how many vegetables can be grown in very small spaces. It’s the perfect solution for […]

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A variety of fruits and vegetables will be available when the Tupelo Farmers’ Market opens May 17. Below, children will be releasing Monarch butterflies into the environment as part of the Master Gardeners’ “Celebration of Gardens” at the Community Garden that day.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – The Tupelo Farmers’ Market will officially open for its 15th season on Saturday, May 17, at 6 a.m. The days events will include the “Garden Mama” radio show, presentations by Lee County Master Gardeners, musical entertainment, a chef demonstration, children’s activities and farm-fresh produce. The market is located […]

Evie says she’s just moved and needs my help arranging her house. Something in her voice tells me this is going to be a challenge. I hope so. I like a good challenge. I drive to her house in Saltillo. She opens her door and suddenly we’re drowning in a sea of boxes floating among […]

There’s nothing like preparing a meal using vegetables that were picked only five minutes earlier. That goal drives the efforts of many home gardeners. But many people, especially those new to gardening, are under the misconception that a vegetable garden is a lot of work. Who wants to go out and take care of the […]

Home-grown tomatoes are a favorite of almost every gardener, amateur or seasoned. But how do you grow the best tomatoes? First, know the pH of your soil which needs to be between 5.8 and 6.5 (MSU Extension Service says above 6). Simply take a soil sample to the county extension office and for a small […]

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By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – When you visit Dale Smith’s garden, you might come across such characters as Big Fred the frog, Clipper the fork-tailed bird, Rick the tick and Sting the scorpion. These critters, made of rock, stone or metal, are among more than 20 that dot Smith’s woodland garden in Tupelo’s […]

When it comes to vines for the wall or pergola, it is advisable to go native. We are all familiar with that invasive scourge, kudzu, and honeysuckle and Chinese wisteria also have an inclination to run amok and require constant vigilance to keep in check. Ah, but growing in the woods is Crossvine, Bigonia capreolata, […]