Universal Studio’s newest film, “Minions,” is set to release July 10, but our favorite little Minions – Dave, Stuart, Carl, Phil, Kevin, and Jerry – have already received a prestigious, industry award. Minion Yellow is the latest color to be added to the Pantone’s palette of color. And trust me, it’s not despicable, it’s quite […]

If there’s one area in almost everyone’s landscape that causes a lot of problems, it’s that area between the sidewalk and the street. I surrounded my mailbox with a small planting bed to help me try to garden in this area. I have had some success trying many different planting combinations that change with the […]

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – Lee County Master Gardeners and the Tupelo Garden Club will host “A Celebration of Gardens” on May 16, the same morning the Tupelo Farmers’ Depot opens for the season. The two gardening groups will introduce two new public gardens: the Tupelo Community Orchard and the newly redesigned Tupelo […]

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal Recent warm sunny days have sent Northeast Mississippi gardeners scurrying to their local garden centers to load up for spring. “Business has been really good,” said nurseryman Byron Fellows of Mid-South Nursery in Tupelo. “All of April was good though, even though it was wet and nasty.” Fellows said customers […]

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This open terrarium was made in an old wooden chair. JoAnne Kent of Philips Garden Center ripped out the cane, put in chicken wire and built a little ecosystem using ferns, mosses, nephthytis and ajuga.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – JoAnne Kent of Philips Garden Center is determined to make terrariums popular again. “They have become my secret passion,” Kent said. “I’d make them all day long if I could.” Kent was reading a book not long ago in which the subject of terrariums came up. She did […]

April showers have certainly come our way this spring. Yes, the ground is saturated, but there are advantages. For one thing, the roadsides cannot be mowed or sprayed, and as a result, wildflowers abound. And one of the showiest and most spectacular of all of these spring wildflowers is Butterweed, Senecia glabellus. Butterweed, one of […]

Even though we’re still early in spring, we need to get ready for the sweltering temperatures we know are on the way. This means we have to start planting two of my favorite summer plants that pack a powerful punch of summer color: SunPatiens and sun coleus. SunPatiens love growing in full sun during the […]

Most homeowners have an average- to large-sized yard but there are those homeowners who have a small garden or yard space. Trying to create the illusion of more space for a small garden or yard requires using a few design elements. One of the easiest tips to create the illusion of more space is the […]

By William Moore Daily Journal TUPELO – Warmer temperatures and an abundance of rain have caused fire ant mounds to pop up all over Northeast Mississippi. “It’s been terrible this year,” said Justin Smedley, Athletic Grounds Supervisor for Tupelo Parks & Recreation. “I never even got to put out the pre-emergence treatments on the fields […]