Homemade Jamz, Bobby Rush to play Down on Main tonight

Courtesy Homemade Jamz Blues Band is, from left, Ryan, Taya and Kyle Perry. Hear the band’s music at hmjamzbluesband.com.

Homemade Jamz Blues Band is, from left, Ryan, Taya and Kyle Perry. Hear the band’s music at hmjamzbluesband.com.


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TUPELO – The kids in Homemade Jamz aren’t really kids anymore.

The Perry siblings started playing music long before the eldest member could even drive; now the youngest is about to get behind the wheel. Taya, Kyle and Ryan Perry have grown up with the blues, releasing four albums and traveling all over the world.

The band will play a hometown gig tonight at Down on Main, opening up for Bobby Rush.

There are a few other big shows coming up this year, and next year the band hopes to record its fifth album.

Get to know each of the Perry siblings in Homemade Jamz.

Ryan Perry, 22, guitar and vocals

Kyle Perry, 20, bass guitar

Taya Perry, 15, drums

What other instruments do you play, or do you hope to play?

R: I would love to play the piano and lap steel guitar. They both are so expressive.

K: Guitar, a little bit of drums, slight piano.

T: The drums is the main instrument I play, but I do fiddle around on the piano and ukulele doing covers. I do wish to master the piano and the bass guitar one day, so hopefully I’ll be able to implement those into our shows.


What’s been the coolesT thing you’ve accomplished so far? What’s something you’d like to see the band accomplish in the future?

R: Being in the running for a Grammy nomination has been the greatest accomplishment in my opinion. We have been performing together for almost a decade, and to be so close to the highest award you could get in your field of work is an amazing feeling.

Next goal: To get that Grammy nomination next time around, and hopefully the win.

K: Getting to do shows out of the country.

T: For me personally, one of the coolest things I have accomplished in the band is being endorsed by Sabian Cymbals and Los Cabos Drum Sticks. I have also had the opportunity to be in the Sticks and Skins drum magazine. One thing I would like to see Homemade Jamz accomplish in the future is to be nominated for a Blues Music Award/Grammy and actually win an award.


What are both the easiest/most difficult and most and least interesting aspects of being in Homemade Jamz?

R: Playing the guitar is the easiest thing I know how to do. To make a career out of it is a dream cone true. The hardest thing would probably be making a last minute set list when you see the crowd demographic. The most interesting thing would be to travel the world. It is truly an education in itself to experience different cultures, people and places. I’m infatuated with it. The least interesting thing would be the long waits at the airport.

K: The easiest part is riding in the van for hours. The difficult part is moving of all our equipment. The most interesting part is being on stage. The least interesting is enduring the long van rides.

T: Without a doubt, traveling from show to show is the hardest part about being in the band. The easiest part for me being in the band is being able to get on stage and do what I love the most.


What are some goals you have for yourself, not related to the band?

R: I would love to get into real estate investing, and open up a great restaurant/blues joint in Tupelo. We need more music in town, but we have some amazing people coming together (like Shawn Brevard, Melanie Deas and the Link Centre) to help make that happen.

K: My future goals include college.

T: If the band for some reason doesn’t work out in the future, I would like to go to college or go into the military.


What are you into outside of the band?

R: I love gear (knives, flashlights, firearms, etc.) and like to go target shooting often. I also love restoring cars. My current project is a 1978 Ford Bronco, and I hope to get her on the road soon.

K: Outside the band, I’m into fishing, hunting and working on cars and trucks.

T: My favorite thing to do when we have some down time is work on old school muscle cars with my dad. I’m currently restoring my 69 Mach 1 Mustang with my dad.


What are you listening to right now? What album or artist are you really into right now?

R: I am really into Gary Clark Jr. Right now. He received a Grammy award for best contemporary blues album. He is a beast on the guitar. Fitz and the Tantrums, as well as Iggy Azalea are also on my list, along with EDM/house/trap/dubstep music.

K: MichaeL “Iron Man” Burks

T: I actually listen to a lot of hip-hop, R & B and top 40 music. I don’t have a favorite artist because there are so many good ones.


Your next show is Down on Main. Why should folks come out and see this show?

R: They should come out because it is going to be a great time. We have been itching to play in town again for a while, so the band is really excited to play for all of our family, friends and fans here. Also, it’s free. Who doesn’t love free?

K: Because we’re gonna tear the stage up.

T: People should come out to just enjoy themselves and support live music. It’s a great opportunity to see us and Bobby Rush for free.


On Stage

What: Down on Main featuring Bobby Rush and Homemade Jamz Blues Band

When: 6:30 tonight

Where: Fairpark, Tupelo

Cost: Free

Info: (662) 841-6598

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