Homemade Jamz grows on third album

At some point in Homemade Jamz Blues Band’s career, the band members’ ages will stop being a point of conversation.

I don’t know when that’ll be, but it should be pretty soon.

The Perry kids – Ryan, 18, Kyle, 16 and 12-year-old Taya – better known as Homemade Jamz, are still young, and rock out like they are. But, musically, this band is growing with every album.

Homemade Jamz’ third record, “The Game,” is full of sturdy, rocking blues. Getting lost in the CD’s 10 songs, it’s easy to forget the musicians’ ages and instead focus on dancing, tapping your toes or just plain feeling the blues.

One of the best tracks is the title song, one that has Taya keeping her brothers in check while Kyle shows off on bass and Ryan snarls through the vocals.

“Blues Train” showcases how much fun the band has playing the blues, with a mean bass line by Kyle and fun intro by Taya. “Tupelo” and “Burned Down the House” feature Ryan howling about being down and out.

Homemade Jamz plays songs written by their dad, Renaud, so the songs are never inappropriate, but never childish, either. While the songs are spot-on, it’ll be interesting to see where the kids take songwriting in the future.

“The Game” highlights the many different styles and personalities of Homemade Jamz while giving each band member a moment to shine. Ryan’s singing is effortless. Kyle is scary, scary good at bass; it sounds like he’s been playing since the 70s. Taya always keeps the beat steady, and you can hear her confidence build with every song.

“The Game” is a terrific blues record.

Pick it up on iTunes, CDBaby.com, Digstation.com or at the band’s website.

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