How was your weekend?

Merry Monday! Did you have a good weekend? What did you do?

The bf and I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day a little early, so we took a day trip to Memphis. There are obviously a lot of choices there, but many of the events we wanted to do were either on another weekend or we just needed warmer weather, lol. So, I chose the event, and I totally geeked out – we visited the Pink Palace Museum’s Planetarium and then caught a showing of “Hubble” at the IMAX theater there.

The Planetarium’s show was cool, even if it could use a little bit of an update. I loved and adored “Hubble.” It’s all about the Hubble telescope, from its inception to its repairs to some of the amazing photos it has sent back. Seeing those baby galaxies was amazing. I also loved seeing an up-close view of the shuttle blasting off, taking a crew up to the Hubble to repair and update it. Pretty powerful stuff, to say the least.

The IMAX at the Pink Palace will be showing “Hubble” through sometime in 2012. And, fyi, I found the rates to be super-duper cheap. Both the Planetarium AND “Hubble” were basically $10 a person. You can’t beat that.

Click here to learn more about “Hubble,” and here to find out more about the Pink Palace.

I’m sure a lot of folks’ weekend was full of Super Bowl-y goodness. Did you watch the game? I didn’t – sorry, I really kinda hate football – but I did watch the rad episode of “Glee” that followed it.

If you steered clear of the big game but want to see the commercials, check out this website to see them all.

I’m also sure lots of you went to see Rascal Flatts, Chris Young and Luke Bryan at the Arena this weekend. What did you think?

I saw the Flatts in Memphis a few years ago, and my, my, they put on a HUGE show. I’m sure they did the same here in Tupelo.

If you caught the show, what did you think?

So, tell me, what did you do this weekend?

Did you see the Flatts or have a big football party?

Did you see a really good – or, egads, really bad – movie?

Did you see a play?

Did you check out a new band?

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