I ate sugar! Or, How I lost weight on my trip to NOLA


I’d finally reached this magical, less than 200 (!!!!!) number, right before I left for my annual Halloween trip to New Orleans with my best friends. Then, just a few days before we left, the scale bumped back up to 199… then 200.

I was heartbroken. I was working out so hard, eating well, so what was wrong? I had my suspicious, but I didn’t want to believe them.

So, I went on the trip. I thought, I was going to have a good time and eat a little bit of sugar, and I’d just have to deal with whatever the scale said when I returned. I’d eat healthier and work out harder to shed whatever good times added to my belly and thighs.

On the trip, I ate as well as I could. I probably had too many diet sodas, things like that, but for the most part I stayed on track. One of my best friends, Lori, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about two years ago, so we helped keep each other in check on this trip.

I didn’t really work out. But, on Halloween, we walked for hours around New Orleans’ French Quarter, and danced. Our legs were so exhausted and sore the next day. That’s gotta count for something!

On Halloween, it was weird to go to Target and not load up on candy, like I usually do with my friends. While most of them bought four-pound bags of candy (and, I won’t lie, I was jealous!), I opted for one small bag of Jelly Bellys (hey, a little bit of sugar won’t hurt, and they are my favorite candies) and some super-delicious pumpkin-spiced almonds. Lori bought some Skinny Cow candy bars.

That night, we went out on the town in New Orleans, and, as always, we ended the night with an order, each, of beignets from Cafe du Monde.

I’ve always been a huge beignets fan. This year, though… I liked the first one. It was hard to eat the second one – I, all of the sudden, couldn’t figure out what was so good about them. I barely choked down the last one, leaving about a third of it on the plate.

I guess my tastes really have change. In years past, I’d gobble down my beignets and seriously consider ordering a second round. This year, I didn’t even finish all three.

I came home with mixed feelings. I just knew, with the sugar I ate and the fried beignets drenched in powdered sugar, that I had to have gained. I was above 200, surely. Still, my clothes were feeling baggier than ever. What gives?

I weighed last night.



Here’s the thing. I think the biggest reason I lost weight on my trip – besides eating relatively well and walking and dancing – was that I left my favorite food here in Tupelo: frozen grapes with salt.

I’ve been obsessed, in the last few weeks, with eating frozen grapes covered in salt. Trust me, y’all, this is yummy. But I know I’ve been eating too much salt, and grapes are basically pure sugar. This treat has been my late-night snack, but for three days, I didn’t have them, and it seems the weight has fallen off. It just proves you can eat too much of foods that seem healthy.

Looks like I’ll have to give this up. Too bad, but I’m ready to see more results. I am THISCLOSE to losing 30 pounds. Very excited!

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