In My Queue: “Happy-Go-Lucky”

After hearing a lot of buzz about the film “Happy-Go-Lucky,” I gave it a try last night.

“Happy-Go-Lucky” tells about the life of plucky Poppy (Sally Hawkins). She’s got a sunnyattitude about everything, and the movie follows her as she makes friends with strangers, learns how to drive and tries to help out one of her primary school students.

And, well, that’s kind of the plot. There isn’t one large story, but more like these little stories that, overall, tell us who Poppy is as a person.

As a character study of Poppy, the film works and is brilliant; as a film in general, I thought it was weak. I’d much rather have seen this as a TV show or, even better, a Web series, following Poppy along on her adventures. As a two-hour film, it just didn’t all flow together well for me.

What kept me going was Hawkins’ performance. She is absolutely brilliant as Poppy – this is a role she was born to play. This character could easily have gotten annoying, but instead I found her charming and funny.

I wouldn’t suggest that you rush out and rent this, but it’s a fun way to spend two hours on a Saturday afternoon, you know?

Click here to watch the “Happy-Go-Lucky” trailer.

What about you? What have you rented lately?

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