In My Queue: “Let the Right One In”

This weekend I rented the Swedish vampire movie “Let the Right One In.”

The movie follows Oskar, a 12-year-old boy who’s regularly beat up by school bullies. His only friend is his new neighbor, Eli, also 12. As their friendship deepens, he learns that Eli is a vampire – but his loyalty to her doesn’t waver.

I rented this movie because I’d heard it was a vampire movie, and being a fan of vampires, I thought it would be a thoroughly creepy two hours. I was really surprised – and, kind of touched, actually – to learn that this is really more of a coming-of-age film. Yeah, there’s a vampire, and yeah, there’s some bloody violence – but there’s no horror at this movie’s heart.

My initial reaction to the film was that it was more disturbing than it was scary. There are some scenes that definitely didn’t sit well with me, just because of the violence and the young age of the kids involved. But the beautiful thing about this movie is that it has stayed with me, and the more I thought about it, the more I saw the positives, the more beautiful aspects of the story.

More than anything, too, “Let the Right One In” is visually stunning. There are some scenes/visuals that will not leave my mind. It’s worth watching just to see how gorgeous the movie is.

This is a film that has grown on me – I enjoyed watching it, but I’ve enjoyed thinking about it more since seeing it. And now I regret sending it back without getting the chance to watch it another time.

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What have you rented lately?

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