JASON MICHAEL CARROLL: ‘From one Elvis fan to another’

Jason Michael Carroll won’t be at the Tupelo Elvis Presley Festival just as a performer. He’ll be there as an Elvis fan, too.
“You know, there are two people in this world: there are Beatles people and there are Elvis people,” Carroll said, “and I’m an Elvis person.”
Like any good Elvis fan, it’s hard for Carroll to pick his one favorite song by the King.
“I love ‘Fools Rush In,’ I love ‘All Shook Up,’ I like ‘Stuck on You,’” Carroll said, but after singing the lyrics to himself, he remembered his top pick. “‘Too Much’ – that’s my favorite Elvis song.”
Of course, Carroll hopes to find a few new fans at the festival, too.
The singer released his second album, “Growing Up is Getting Old,” in late April, and he’s been on tour across the country.
“It’s going really well,” he said. “We’re getting a lot of good response from playing the songs out live.”
Carroll’s highly energetic stage show brings a whole new element to his music, he said.
“There’s nights when the energy hits me. I may not be feeling like that beforehand, but then it’s like, OK, it’s on, now,” he said. “I love the energy rush.”
The Texas native likes to take concert-goers away from their problems for the night.
“Sometimes the crowd isn’t sure what to expect, so they’re sitting there, and
that’s where we kind of pride ourselves on being able to pull them out of their seats,” he said. “We try to forget things that are there at the moment, so we can forget it all and have a good time.”
That’s not to say he doesn’t love his studio work, too.
He said he’s especially proud of “Growing Up is Getting Old.”
“When we made this record, we used the same philosophy from the first one, that somebody could relate to me, they could get me, when they listen to this record,” he said. “This record is a little more personal.”
Fans who want a taste of this record can hear what he brings to the Tupelo Elvis Presley Festival.
“Come out to a festival honoring a great entertainer – one of the greatest – and watch a guy who’s trying to at least get a piece of that entertainment ability and bring it to the stage in Tupelo,” Carroll said. “From one Elvis fan to another, come on out. It’s gonna be great.”

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Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

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