Justin Posey: A leap of faith

By Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

Kind of like Dylan going electric, Justin Posey’s divided his fans with his latest work. The singer-songwriter has always made music with just his guitar, occasionally dressing it up a bit with claps and cheers.
But on the Saltillo native’s latest album, “Parachutes,” he ditched his acoustic style. He made the album with a full band backing him, making his music sound much more complete and full.
Posey digs it, but his fans?
“It’s been good,” he said of those who previewed his album on Purevolume.com. “I’ve had a few mixed reviews, but they really wanted it acoustic.”
Even those who weren’t feeling it at first are growing to the sound, he said.
Today, Posey’s hosting an album release party, so his hometown fans can decide for themselves.

Happy record
Posey’s discography is notoriously personal; his “Seasonal” EP was a jaunty look at love, while his first full-length album “Bending Love” was also about love but was more sobering than the EP.
“Parachutes” seems to be equal parts “Seasonal” and “Bending Love.”
The first half of the record is Posey’s classic pop style, while the second half is a more serious collection of songs that tackle religion and love.
“They get to the heart of the matter,” he said, “but there’s still hope. If there were no hope I wouldn’t be making music.”
It all fits in with the overall theme of the album: parachutes.
“In skydiving, a parachute is to slow you down so you don’t fall to your death, which is the thrill of skydiving,” he said. “Let’s slow down in life and enjoy the things we’ve been given, like sunsets and God and our best friends.”
“Parachutes” was heavily influenced by a trip he made to Ecuador.
“They have literally nothing, but they’re happy,” he said.
The trip made him look at life a little closer, and out of that came many of the 10 songs of the record.
“It’s the happiest album I’ve ever written,” he said.

Team effort
The original plan for “Parachutes” was that it
would be a half-acoustic album, half-full band album. Working with his pals at the House Creative production studio, Posey felt comfortable with the challenge to record a full-band album.
He also challenged himself to create a very personal album.
“It’s real. All of the songs are inspired by something in my life, whether it’s about a girl or about God,” he said.
Up next for Posey is a West Coast tour with fellow Saltillo songwriter Drew Gatlin. The pair leave after Thursday’s show and will return in mid-June.
“I’ve made a lot of fans online, and I’m excited to meet them,” he said. “Hopefully the trip will be very inspiring and maybe I’ll write some stuff about it.”

Album release show
– Who: Justin Posey, Drew Gatlin, Cory Taylor Cox

– When: 7 p.m. today

– Where: Cafe 212

– Cost: Free. “Parachute” is $10.

– Info: (662) 844-6323 or Justin Posey’s
Facebook page

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