Keymo’s Reviews: “Rango” & “Hall Pass”



Rango stars Johnny Depp as the title character. It is an animated movie that is sure to make grown folks and kids laugh.

Rango is about an unnamed lizard that has dreams of being an actor. After a car wreck, he gets thrown into a vast wasteland full of country critters. These residents would make the Jerry Springer show guests look like English nobility. He finally gets to fulfill his dream, and becomes “Rango”. “Rango” is a gun-totin’, kick-butt lizard who takes nothing from anybody. He becomes the sheriff of the town Dirt, and actually has to live up to his persona. Solving the drought issues of Dirt is the focal point of the movie.

This movie is absolutely hilarious! The supporting cast of characters is the heart of the movie. The lizard Beans is as country and feisty as anybody. Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers, Confessions of a Shopaholic)’s voice work was spot-on. She is Australian, and her American country performance surprised me. Rattlesnake Jake is a classic villain. The sheriff is just awful, and he is the character that everyone loves to hate.

The action in it is constant, which will make audiences glued to the screen. The dialogue is witty, and sometimes is geared for the adults. Overall, with one being “Piranha 3D” and 10 being “Slumdog Millionaire,” I’d give Rango a solid eight. It is definitely worth the time. Just remember, THE ENTIRE MOVIE IS COUNTRY WESTERN CRITTERS!

Hall Pass

Hall Pass stars Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Christina Applegate and Jenna Fisher. It is most definitely for the older folks. Let me just say, kids might be asking Mommy and Daddy some awkward questions if they watch this movie.

Hall Pass centers around two couples, Fred and Grace and Rick and Maggie. They are both unsatisfied with their sex lives and missing the times when they were single. Realizing this, the wives decide to give their husbands a “Hall Pass”: A week off from marriage, in which they can have sex with other women. After a bit of reluctance, Rick and Fred decide to take them up on their offer. Along the way, the women also decide to give themselves a pass. The following week is comedy gold. All four of them go back out to the dating pool, and their ages show.

I thought that this movie would be boring and cliché, but I was wrong. It is very funny, and has some lines in it that will become a part of pop culture (fake chow, Australian kiss). Be warned, though: there are some lady bits and man bits in this movie. The majority of the film is sex talk, so anyone offended by language should not waste their time on this movie. With one being “Cloverfield” and 10 being “Godfather,: I’d give Hall Pass a 6.5. I’ve seen better, yet it made me laugh.

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