Killjay to release new album next week

By Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

AMORY – Rock band Killjay is releasing a new album next week, and lead singer Mark Clingan is a bit concerned about his band’s critics.
“I really feel sorry for the Killjay haters,” he said. “They’re gonna be like, ‘I got nothing.’ They’ll have to make something up, pull something out of the air. (This album) blows me away, and I’m my own worst critic.”
Next week, the Amory-based hard rock group will release its fourth studio album, “Revolution Bell.”
“Revolution Bell” was produced and recorded by Seeking Seven’s Robb Ross, who’s joined Killjay while working on the album.
For Clingan, it was difficult handing over the reigns to anyone else.
“We brought the songs to him, which was hard to do for me because I’m a control freak,” he said. “I’ve never been pushed before. There was this one song, I sang the opening line 200 times. And then we didn’t use any of it.”
But Clingan wanted it perfect.
Fans ate up the band’s last effort, “The Verdict.” Following up such a successful record was a bit intimidating, he said.
“‘The Verdict’ was a monster,” he said. “Following up with a bad album is easy; following up with a good album is hard. But it’s a fun kind of challenge.”
Clingan and crew took the selfish route to songwriting.
“I wrote songs I wanted to hear. It took me a long time to get to that. The people this record is for, it will get to them,” he said.
Now that he’s heard the finished product, his confidence is back, and he can’t wait for fans to hear the new Killjay record.
“It’s the best thing we’ve ever done,” he said.
In its 10-plus-year history, Killjay has found fans across the country, as well as a few critics. Clingan doesn’t let it bring him down: He’s here to stay.
“You wonder, how much do I have left in the tank? You can’t do less than you’ve done. I don’t want people to say, ‘Killjay’s great, but you should’ve heard them back in the day,’” Clingan said. “One cool thing I’ve learned about Killjay is, there’s power in staying, in existing.”

WHO: Killjay, Reaping Monday, Seeking Seven

WHEN: 8 p.m. July 13

WHERE: Goodtime Charlie’s, Tupelo

COST: $10/show, $10/CD

INFO: The album will be available at
sites like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.

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