LESLIE CRISS: Celebrate Halloween by writing a letter to Santa

By Leslie Criss | NEMS Daily Journal

“There are three stages of man: He believes in Santa Claus; he does not believe in Santa Claus; he is Santa Claus.”
– Bob Phillips

“From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night, Good Lord, deliver us.”
– Anonymous

Tomorrow is Halloween, a holiday in which I once reveled. A day to dress up, knock on doors and be given candy. The Halloween costumes of my youth were anything but creative. This is not something I can blame on my mama. It was I who preferred store-bought to sewn-by-mom.
Most of my early costumes were pulled from a shelf at the T.G.&Y. store. They came in an orange and black box. Through the cellophane lid, one could see only the mask accompany the costume. The rest of the outfit was a big surprise once the purchase had been made.
I suppose all were sized the same – one size fits all – which is nothing if not one great lie. On us “big boned” gals, the sleeves never quite made it past the elbows.
But that never seemed to bother me way back then. It was, after all, Halloween.
The boxed costumes were strictly generic in theme – a witch, a ghost, a princess. They were guaranteed never to win a prize, but I didn’t care. It was just fun to dress up one night a year and fool folks.
Lo, these many years later, I’ve realized I fooled no one – not with my mama and daddy perched behind me on all those front porches as I shyly spoke the words, “trick or treat” and watched eagerly as the treats were tossed into my bag.
With few parental limitations placed on my candy consumption, I usually nursed a stomach-ache the day after, as we all began looking forward to … Christmas.
Send your letters
Perhaps it seems a little early, but it’s time to get busy composing letters to Old St. Nick and sending them to us at the Daily Journal.
They’ll be kept in a safe place until Santa’s chief postal helper from the Northeast Mississippi district, Judy McGhee, types them into her computer.
After being stored in our trusty computer system from which they can never be lost, (wink, wink) they will be forwarded on to Mr. Claus himself at his reindeer ranch and toy factory at the North Pole.
In the Christmas Eve edition of the Daily Journal, there’ll be an entire section filled with the letters we’ve received. It’s something you can save to remind you of all the wonder and wisdom of children. It’s something to remind us all of why believing can be an amazing thing.
Now, pay close attention. Here’s what you need to know:
• Include in your letters your names, ages and the town or community in which you live.
• Mail your letters to the North Pole in care of the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, P.O. Box 909, Tupelo, MS 38802-0909.
• No form letters from entire classes, please. And no parent-written letters.
• If you feel creative when you’re writing your letters to Santa, feel free to draw, color or paint a picture. We’ll consider publishing some of your artwork as well.
Any letters that arrive at the Journal after Monday, Dec. 5, will not be considered for publication. But don’t worry. All letters will be forwarded to Santa at the North Pole.
Keep your letters and your wish lists short – the economy has affected Old Saint Nick, too.

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