LESLIE CRISS: Tuning in to 'Idol' becomes addiction shared by sibling

“A sister smiles when one
tells one’s stories – for she knows where the decoration has been added.”
– Chris Montaigne
“It sounded like cats jumping off the Empire State Building.”
– Simon Cowell

Thursday night I called my sister in Huntsville, Ala.
She’d been helping chaperone a three-day trip for my niece’s class and I wanted to hear about it.
I waited and waited. Finally, the answering machine picked up.
My niece’s voice told me they were unable to get to the phone, but I should leave my name, number, etc.
I’d gotten out only a few words when my sister picked up.
“Hey. Hey. I’m here,” she said. “I’m not answering the phone because there’s a commercial now but I think ‘American Idol’ is about to come back on.”
“Call me back,” I told her.
I didn’t mind because I, too, was watching the musical drama unfold.
But what I remembered moments after that quick call was my sister’s response several years earlier when I confessed to her I was sucked into “American Idol” because of an Alabama boy named Taylor Hicks.
She did not laugh out loud, but she made the same sound she makes when she calls, asks what I’m doing and I tell her I’m watching a movie on the Lifetime channel.
The sound is difficult to describe in writing, but let me just say the sound conveys this message: “I cannot believe you are watching that.”
Discovering my sister and niece are now “Idol” fans was, for me, nothing short of pure joy.
No surprise
When I turned on the news early Thursday morning, the talking heads, with no exceptions, were talking about “the big upset” and the “finale shocker” on this season’s “American Idol.”
Give me a break.
I told someone early on the judges were fawning so over Adam Lambert from the very beginning, not to be surprised if the American public got sick of it and voted against him for that reason alone.
I’ve watched “Idol” closely for about three seasons. And this season was the most amazing in that there were so many contestants with real, strong talent.
No matter who got sent home each week, those left to sing kept viewers’ attention.
In fact, it would have been fine with me if there’d been a three-way tie among the final trio – Lambert, Kris Alan and Danny Gokey. But once the Robert Downey Jr.-lookalike went home, I decided to give my vote – should I cast one or two or more (and I did) – to Kris Allen.
Why? I like to support Southerners. I believe Lambert will become either a huge Broadway sensation or a famous rocker.
And, the bottom line? When Lambert and Allen produce an album, I will buy Allen’s. Because that’s just the kind of folksy, non-screaming music I like.
Frankly, I’m glad it’s over until next season. The drama was wearing me out.
Now I can flip back over to the Lifetime channel.
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