Link Centre cancels StepFest

Very sad to hear that the Link Centre has had to cancel its StepFest, which was set to happen on Saturday.

Below is a press release regarding the cancellation.

It is with deep regret that the Link Centre StepFest and Health Fair Committee announces the cancellation of the planned StepFest and Health Fair 2011 event. Despite the broad community support for this exciting cultural and healthy lifestyle event, the current response from the college step teams did not warrant proceeding with the program.

The committee thanks its sponsors and partners: The Quality of Life Committee from the City of Tupelo, North Mississippi Medical Center, The Wellness Center and HealthWorks! Children Education Center for their interest in offering this opportunity to the community, and looks forward to continued connection with them. Committee members worked long and hard to ensure a quality roster to the competition. Initial indications from a broad array of college step teams statewide were positive, but as the scheduled event has drawn near, those college step teams did not commit to attend as expected. The committee will analyze the reasons for this lack of response and work more closely with the key groups to ensure a positive event in the future.

The purpose of the StepFestevent is to raise broad awareness of the high energy dance genre of step, an art form which has developed in the African-American collegiate fraternity and sorority system, and to partner this awareness with the deeper value of a healthy lifestyle. The partnering of diverse cultural arts and health education makes this a meaningful event for all of our community members, and the Link Centre StepFest and Health Fair committee looks forward to continuing this initiative.

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