Magic beans? Nuh-uh…

First off, the good news in the form of two pairs of jeans:

– When I was in college (think early 2000s), capri pants were in style. I couldn’t find any I liked, so I bought two cheap pairs of jeans, cut them off and ka-boom, capris. I’d been at the Journal for only a little while before the smaller of the two pairs didn’t fit anymore. I hung them up on the wall as motivation to lose the extra weight, but it didn’t work. Probably about a year or so ago I took them down off the wall, feeling like I could never lose the weight. Well. I found them again a few weeks ago and tried them on, and they’re wayy too big! I forgot what size they were, but they were a juniors’ 15. Yeah. Too big. But it feels good to finally say I can fit back in them, and then some.

– Speaking of sizes, I’ve been in a weird limbo lately. I have two pairs of size 10 jeans, one being way too big and the other being almost too small. So I went to the store yesterday to see if I could find another size 10 that fit “just right”… and walked out with a size 8. Yes, I know, they’re cut large for an 8, but they fit just right. Yay!

Alright, on to the point of this post.

If you’ve ever lost any weight, you’ve probably had folks ask you, “So, what are you doing?” or “How are you doing it?”

It seems like I’ve had a ton of folks ask me this lately, and when I give them the answer – “eating better and exercising,” or something to that effect – with some folks, it’s like I’m breaking their heart. I can see the disappointment in their eyes that I didn’t say, geez, I sold my cow for three magic beans and ka-boom I’ve dropped 50 pounds. It’s weird. I think people expect me to say I took a magic pill or sold my soul to the devil or something. Nope. I work out, I eat better, that sort of thing. That’s also why it takes a while, if I even progress at all for a week (or more), but I think that’s also why I feel better, healthier.

No sir. No magic beans here.

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