Make water more awesome

I’m happy with water just as it is, but sometimes it needs to be spruced up a bit.

Enter the Rove Infuser, a 20-ounce cold drink travel tumbler that is now my new bff.

Ya know those plastic, reusable travel cups you see everywhere now? This one has an infuser in the middle, so you can fill it with herbs or fruits which will give your cold water a fresh flavor. It keeps the water cold and doesn’t sweat.

I picked mine up at Bed Bath and Beyond in Tupelo last night (it costs just under $10). I tried it this morning with strawberries and blueberries and it made the water so delicious. I’m gonna stop by the store at lunch to get more fruit and some herbs, like mint, to try new flavor combinations.

(If I’d thought about it, I would’ve taken a picture – sorry! And I can’t seem to find a picture online, even on the company website. But I found mine toward the back of the store, in the kitchen section, and they had both pink and green ones. Mine’s pink!)

I got the idea to look for something like this from this cool fitness blog, A Daily Dose of Fit. This blogger wrote about an infuser she got from the Papered Chef that allows you to put ingredients into bigger things like stews or large pitchers of beverages. I like that mine is a tumbler but I wouldn’t mind having this big infuser too!

I’m off to buy some fruit!

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