MARC MORRONE: Pinwheels, jingle bells might solve mole problem

By Marc Morrone

Q: MY BACKYARD is crisscrossed all over by moles. They have raised tunnels up and down my lawn. Our yard is bordered by a wildlife preserve on three sides, so it looks like they are just using our yard as a crossing area to get from one part of the preserve to another. We see mole traps advertised, but we do not want to hurt the moles and were hoping you could recommend a nonlethal method of controlling them.
A: I APPRECIATE that you do not want to hurt the moles. The following method sounds rather odd, but many people I have suggested it to tell me it works very well. Get some plastic pinwheels and glue small jingle bells to the spinning blades. Then push the pinwheels right into the raised tunnels the moles are using. The moles cannot hear the bells ringing as the pinwheels spin in the wind, but the vibrations they make travel down the shaft of the pinwheel and enter the tunnels, and they do not like it. It will take a few weeks for you to see results.
Q: MY TWO CAIRN TERRIERS have gotten into some serious fights, and we have learned to keep them separated at certain times of the day. However, when they did fight, they would grab each other’s faces and ears with intensity, yet it seems as if they did not feel any pain at all while the fight was going on. But when the vet gives them shots with a little needle, they howl and carry on, so they must feel pain then. Why don’t they seem to feel any pain while they are fighting?
A: DOG BREEDS differ in how they feel pain. Messages are relayed through nerve endings to the brain, where they are interpreted as pain. However, the dog’s emotions at the time may flood the body with natural painkillers called endorphins. This is why during the emotional intensity of the fight, your dogs are resistant to pain and keep fighting, despite injuries.

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