MawMaw Mac: ‘A wonderful blessing to us all’

By Vicki McDaniel

This and every Mother’s Day since 1987, I celebrate my special “mother,” Muriel McDaniel.
I am actually putting myself in great danger by submitting this because she often threatens me with a switch, if i don’t bend to her wishes of her paying for an item we brought her or offers of help.
She is actually my husband Clint’s mother. She is a true Christian lady and a true friend to all that know her. After the death of my mother in 2004, a visit never came without a fresh lemon ice box pie, (my favorite). I’ve always been able to call her for a shoulder to cry on, a lift-me-up conversation, some good sound advice,a recipe or just a silly talk.
Never has she spoken a hard or mean word to me. She has been my saving grace more than once, yet she is such a humble and gracious soul.
I strive everyday to be the sweet, compassionate, Southern lady she is, but I know I fall short. She never forgets a birthday or anniversary of her family or her friends.
She has been a faithful member of Bissell Baptist Church since June 1957. She is the mother of two children, Clint McDaniel of Blue Mountain and Tracey Flournoy of Mooreville.
She is the grandmother of 10, the great-grandmother of 19 and the great-great-grandmother of 1.
She is up in her 70s now, but she still gives freely of her time to carry those in need to doctors’ appointments or wherever one needs to go. She never wants the praise she deserves, she often refers to her good works as carrying on her mama’s legacy. She is constantly cooking or delivering to those in need. She is such a wonderful blessing to us all.
We love and appreciate you, MawMaw Mac.
About the author: Vicki McDaniel lives in Blue Mountain. She is the mother of seven, grandmother of 19 and great-grandmother of one. She is a retired truck driver and bus driver. “Now I sit home and iron blue jeans and ride four-wheelers.”

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