Mid-1900s lithographs, quilts on exhibit in Tupelo

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TUPELO, Miss. (AP) — The Oren Dunn City Museum in Tupelo is showing a private collection of entertainment-based lithographs and a quilt collection that offers insight into the history on how the quilts were made.

WTVA reported the lithographs are part of an exhibit called “The Art of Entertainment” and features posters of circus performances, magic acts and big screen movies that date back to the early 1900s.

“Tupelo native Bob Kinney and his wife had a magic act. They would go around on a circuit and do their shows. They acquired some of the posters through their acquaintances. Some of them Bob purchased and had restored,” said museum operations manager Rae Mathis.

Unlike contemporary entertainment posters made with a click or two on a computer, the posters on display often required a lot of detailed work. “There is one circus poster I’m told that would’ve gone through several phases. One artist would put together the perspective. Another artist would put together the color. It wasn’t something they would just zip, zip and have done in a day,” Mathis said.

Also on display is a quilt collection called “Quilts Revisited.”

Museum spokeswoman Della Lentz said the exhibit includes about a dozen of the museum’s own quilts and offer details about the history of their patterns.

An example is a quilt with a star pattern.

“In my research I found that a lot of people would purposely sew in mistakes because they viewed the star as a religious symbol. They would sew in the mistake because they believed that only God could create something perfect,” Lentz said.

Other patterns on display are believed to have ties to the underground railroad and pioneer era.

Both exhibits run through Oct. 26.

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