By Brenda Owen

Daily Journal

Our “Mother/Daughter Lookalike Contest” was a huge success with 65 families participating.

Choosing the mothers and daughters who looked most like each other from all these entries was a hard task, but for the 25 or so Journal employees who helped with the judging, it was a ton of fun.

From the final tally, the top five vote-getting entries were selected and are pictured on this page. The five runners-up are pictured inside the section. We also have included the top three winners of the multi-generational category, those families who entered mothers, daughters, granddaughters and even some great-granddaughters who bear a striking family resemblance.

Thanks to all of our readers who participated in this contest. To you and all the mothers in Northeast Mississippi, we wish a happy and joyful Mother’s Day.


Marie Blankfield, right, and her daughter, Donna Dye, left, not only look alike. They think alike. They each bought the matching outfits they are wearing without the other knowing it. The 61-year-old Blankfield, who owns Little Duchess Beauty Salon in Saltillo, said of her daughter, “We’re big buddies.” And 42-year-old Dye, maintenance coordinator at Super Sagless in Tupelo, called her mother a blessing. “She helped me grow up thankful and taught me to love people and the Lord,” Dye said.


Ellen Henry Russell, right, age 42, and her daughter 22-year-old Carrie Stringer, a student at the University of Mississippi, had always known they looked alike, but when Stringer recently cut and styled her hair similar to her mom’s, the fun really started. “It’s fun to see people’s reaction and I love it when they ask if we are sisters,” Russell said. The mother/daughter duo have something else in common besides their looks, though. “We got married on the same day, just 22 years apart,” said Russell, co-owner of Russell Oil Company in Pontotoc. “Both our wedding anniversaries are June 4.”


Supermom Cynthia Barker of Amory, not only is a ringer for her youngest daughter 20-month-old Priscilla, (see photos below), but her other seven daughters also keep the good looks all in the family. Barker is shown above holding Priscilla, with (counter clockwise, from left) Lydia, age 4; Rebekah, age 6; Deborah, age 7; Mary, age 9; Charity, age 11; Faith, age 13; and Hope, age 15. Barker is married to Chris Barker, owner of Barker’s Land Surveying company in Amory. The couple also have two boys: xxx, age 18; and Seth, age 12.


Thomas Street School teacher’s assistant Ruth Mask, left, age 52, and her daughter, 30-year-old Jerri Ann Mask, a teacher’s assistant at Pontotoc High School share both their looks and their professions. They also share an affection for the third party in the picture, “Prissy,” a miniature Pomeranian. “She’s like my grandbaby since I don’t have one yet,” the older Mask jokes. Although Mask has two other daughters, she said Jerri Ann is the most like her mom in looks. “When we wear clothes alike, people are startled when they see us together,” the mother said. “I’m not sure how Jerri Ann feels about it, but when they ask if we are twins, it makes my day.”


Bruce resident Shirley Daniel, right, age 58, says her youngest daughter, 32-year-old Shenetha Parker, looks just like she did at her age. Parker, a nurses aide at Calhoun County Nursing Home, loves the fact that she favors her mom so much. “I think she’s a beautiful lady,” Parker said. “And when people tell me how much I look like her, I now it’s a big compliment.”

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