MOVIE REVIEW: Abundance of stupidity sinks ‘Man of Steel’

By M. Scott Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

Years ago, Jim Croce warned everybody in song: “You don’t tug on Superman’s cape.”
And, doggone it, that’s what they’ve done with “Man of Steel,” a reboot of the comic book franchise starring Henry Cavill as an immigrant child from Krypton who grows up to become a symbol for peace, justice and the American Way.
As the film begins, Krypton is dying because people have overtaxed the planet’s resources. Even though they know this truth, no one tries to leave.
Jor-El (Russell Crowe) takes things into his own hands and sends his son, Kal-El, to Earth where he will serve as an example to its inhabitants.
The father also hides something in his son’s cells that might someday allow Kryptonians to live again, but I can’t say I fully understand this part.
In fact, there’s a lot about “Man of Steel” that I don’t understand. The writing team of David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan decided an old-fashioned comic book story wasn’t good enough for them, so they turned this into a science fiction story.
They should’ve checked with George Lucas. Everything was fine while the Force was a nebulous, all-powerful thing in “Star Wars.” Once it became something in the blood that could be measured during the movie prequels, the Force lost some of its power.
It’s the same with “Man of Steel.” All of the sudden, spaceships are flying across the sky threatening Earth because of the stuff in Superman’s blood.
On another front, Lois Lane (Amy Adams) gets a makeover. She’s a determined reporter, but she’s sweet and nice. Whoever heard of a sweet and nice reporter?
OK, no one should be expected to carry off the caustic lovability that Margot Kidder delivers in 1978’s “Superman,” but Lois needs to be more hard-nosed.
I also find it odd that officials in the military keep inviting her to restricted places, particularly an aircraft cockpit where everyone else is strapped in for a death-defying mission while Lois stands in the background looking worried.
Can you tell I didn’t like this movie?
It was slow, and we had to sit through Superman’s origin story twice. Few of the bad guys’ actions make sense, and I have no respect for the Kryptonian space agency.
In addition, a key character dies to make a point, except the point and the death are stupid.
The filmmakers were entrusted with something great. They grabbed it and yanked it out of whack.
I give “Man of Steel” an F.
It’s showing at the Cinemark in Tupelo, as well as Malcos in Oxford, Corinth and Columbus, Hollywood Premier Cinemas in Starkville and Movie Reel 4 in New Albany.
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  • Marcus

    Too true.
    For me, It’s all those the exposition dialogues, carton board characters, stupid plot points, and abundance of destruction that I think made the movie so terribly bad.