MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Get Low’ engages with its heart, humor

“Get Low” is a mystery of the heart.
We open with a man jumping out of a second-floor window of a burning house.
Next, we see a kid throwing a rock through a window, then a wild-haired man comes outside with a rifle and starts shooting.
That wild-haired man is Felix Bush (Robert Duvall), and he’s been living alone in the Tennessee hills for 40 years.
Why did he become a hermit?
That’s the story of “Get Low,” and the movie takes its sweet time with the telling.
In the 1930s, Bush decides he’s going to have a “funeral party” while he’s still alive. He has a wad of cash, and Frank (Bill Murray), the owner of the local funeral home, needs the money.
With help from his assistant Buddy (Lucas Black), Frank sets about making Bush’s funeral party a reality.
While that’s going on, one of Bush’s old girlfriends, Mattie Darrow (Sissy Spacek), is back in town. When they get together, old memories surface, and some of those cut to the bone.
“Get Low” has many laugh-out-loud moments along the way, as the townspeople learn Bush has an agile mind under his wild hair.
The humor remains, even as the drama deepens. Credit that to a fine cast and crew who know how to tell a simple, powerful tale.
There are no explosions in “Get Low.” You won’t find a car chase, a girl in a bikini or a smart-alecky sidekick.
You will find a topnotch story about characters you’ll learn to care about along the way.
You’ll also find a Southern mystery of the heart that unravels very near to perfection.
I give “Get Low” an A plus.
It’s showing at the Malco in Tupelo.

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M. Scott Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

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