MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Scott Pilgrim’: It’s odd and hilarious

In the film world, there’s a distinct niche called “Movies That Knock M. Scott Morris’ Socks Off While Barely Making a Ripple in the Marketplace.”
Our latest entry is “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.” It’s funny; it’s different from anything you’ve seen before; and there’s a very good chance you won’t see it.
Here’s the basic plot: Slacker guy falls for hipster chick, and he has to fight her seven evil “exes.” The fights play out like scenes from a video game. Did I mention that it’s incredibly funny?
Michael Cera is Scott, our slacker, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead is Ramona, our hipster chick. She’s out of his league, but she’s looking for a nice guy. Maybe he’s got a shot, if he has the requisite mad fighting skills.
The movie is based on the graphic novel by Bryan Lee O’Malley, and screen writer and director Edgar Wright infuses the film with comic book elements.
There’s a hilarious scene where Scott repeatedly bangs his head against a wooden telephone pole. We hear the “Thunk” and we see the word “Thunk” spelled out. Your reviewer nearly wet his britches.
To be honest, I needed to visit the restroom halfway through the movie, but refused to leave my seat for fear of missing something.
I wouldn’t tell you about my bodily functions without an ulterior motive.
Basically, I want people to see this movie so Universal Pictures, which put about $85 million into it, will have the courage to take this kind of risk in the future.
At the same time, I’m torn. I’ve got no problem recommending a movie like “The Other Guys” because it’s of a type. I had fun watching Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, and I’m pretty sure most other people will have fun, too.
“Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” is something else. It’s odd; it’s peculiar; and it’s one of those “Movies That Knock M. Scott Morris’ Socks Off While Barely Making a Ripple in the Marketplace.”
(Please forgive me for twice referring to myself in the third person and using all those semicolons. I’m usually not that pretentious; the references to bodily functions should back that up.)
I give “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” an A plus.
It’s showing at Malcos in Tupelo, Oxford, Corinth and Columbus, and Hollywood Premier Cinemas in Starkville.

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Wizard review:
Kelli Karlson with Wizard 106.7 gives “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” an F. “It was a nice nap until I woke up and had to leave.”

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