MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Silent House’ uneven thrill ride

By Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

A young woman in an old, secluded house – you can probably guess the rest, right?
Not quite, with “Silent House.”
There are a few fresh ideas in the horror movie, but not all of them work out as beautifully as others.
The story may sound kind of familiar: Sarah (Elizabeth Olsen) and her dad and uncle are fixing up the family’s secluded summer home – so, you guessed it, no cell phone service, no lights and many of the windows and doors are boarded up, making escape difficult.
Sarah’s creeped out by weird noises until her father is attacked by an intruder, but it’s unclear if it’s a human or something supernatural.
Much of the film is a cat-and-mouse game between Sarah and the intruder, all in real time and in one uninterrupted shot.
The camera’s choreography shows you just what you need to see. It’s really neat, and definitely adds to the tension. It feels like a fun house, with lots of good jumps and scares.
Almost all of the movie is a claustrophobic, nail-biting ride – until you get to the dreadful ending.
That’s not to say most of the movie is perfect: There are logic holes so big you could fall in them, and if you’re a good movie fan, you’ll do more than your fair share of screaming things like, “Don’t run up the stairs!”
But that’s forgivable – maybe even expected – for any horror movie. What’s not so forgivable is the ending.
The fun thrill ride comes to a shocking jolt of a finish when all is revealed. Serious issues come up, and it’s not easy or fun to watch.
I even heard a few groans and boos when the screen went black.
Plot holes and a bad ending undo many of the cool tricks “Silent House” pulls off, and that’s a shame.
It could’ve been better – but then again, it could’ve been worse.
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Kelli’s Take
“It was more disturbing than I had anticipated.”
Kelli Karlson, Wizard 106.7. She gives “Silent House” a C.

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