MOVIE REVIEW: ‘The Impossible’ an uncomfortable, worthwhile ride

By M. Scott Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

Sometimes, it can be as hard to sit through a good movie as it is to sit through a bad one.
“The Impossible” is based on the true story of one family’s ordeal after the deadly Indian Ocean tsunami on Dec. 26, 2004.
As the movie opens, Maria (Naomi Watts) and Henry (Ewan McGregor) arrive at a beach resort in Thailand with their family. They’re well-off, though not without their stresses, all of which seem petty compared to what’s coming.
Mom, Dad, Lucas (Tom Holland), Thomas (Samuel Joslin) and Simon (Oaklee Pendergast) are playing in the pool when their lives, and the lives of hundreds of thousands of others, are changed by a massive, destructive force.
The camera spends the immediate aftermath with Maria and Lucas, who scramble to reach each other through a torrent of rushing water and dangerous debris. It’s the first of many scenes that aren’t easy viewing.
The cast and crew do an excellent job of rendering this disaster on screen. The audience is front and center on the family’s horrible situation, but the larger scope of the disaster is never far away. Bodies line up on the concrete, the wounded sit on the sides of roads, and the hospitals are overwhelmed by desperate people.
My mind wandered during some scenes as a defense mechanism. I remember creating distance between myself and the action on the screen by wondering how the actors managed to stay in such dark emotional places for so long.
“The Impossible” is a very good movie, but it’s also an ordeal, as it slowly reveals the fates of the family members and other characters.
Two thoughts were never far from my mind and affected my experience of the movie: 1) This really happened, and 2) This could’ve been my family.
“The Impossible” will drag your emotions around, and all of the performances are heart-felt and raw. You’ve been warned. I give it an A.
It’s showing at the Malco in Tupelo.
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I think everyone needs to see this movie.

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