MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Titans’ needs more story, less special effects

By M. Scott Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

I don’t revere the original “Clash of the Titans” (1981), and I’m not a big fan of the remake, either.
After about two hours of special effects and something resembling a story, I was ready for the final credits to roll on this movie. That’s not a good sign.
Human beings have quit worshipping the gods on Mount Olympus. This doesn’t sit well with the gods, so Zeus (Liam Neeson) bows to pressure from Hades (Ralph Fiennes) to get tough on the wayward people.
Hades tells assembled masses that the horrible Kraken will destroy them unless they sacrifice the lovely princess Andromeda (Alexa Davalos). They have 10 days to comply.
At first, Perseus (Sam Worthington) wants no part of the quest to save Andromeda. He protests that he’s only a fisherman, then learns he’s really a demigod and one of Zeus’ sons.
Perseus agrees to join the quest in order to seek revenge on Hades for killing his adoptive family.
Along the way, we encounter some cool special effects, including giant scorpions, winged horses and the terrible Medusa with snakes for hair.
Sadly, “Clash of the Titans” lacks an emotional core. Part of that can be blamed on Worthington, who delivers an amazingly bland performance by never wavering from Perseus’ single-minded determination. Perseus meets his father for the first time – Did I mention his father happens to be king of the gods? – and the guy can’t spare a raised eyebrow.
There’s enough blame to go around for this video game of a movie. Again, I don’t hold the first “Clash of the Titans” as a holy relic from the 1980s, but writers Travis Beacham, Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay should have left Beverly Cross’ 1981 script alone.
On another front, this is supposed to be a 3-D movie, but the effects were more distracting than anything else.
I give the 2010 version of “Clash of the Titans” a D plus.
It’s showing at Malcos in Tupelo, Oxford, Corinth and Columbus, as well as Hollywood Premier Cinemas in Starkville and Movie Reel 4 in New Albany.

Wizard Review
I don’t think I’d pay extra to see it in 3-D. I fell like I had to wear glasses for no reason.”
– Kelli Karlson with Wizard 106.7 gives “Clash of the Titans” a C.

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