MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Twilight’ fans will love ‘New Moon’

For the most part, the world is made up of two kinds of people: “Twilight” fans, and everybody else.
“Twilighters” will look past the flaws in “New Moon” – and it definitely has its share, like the awful CGI wolves, the uneven acting and its many so-melodramatic-it’s-funny moments – and will love it anyway.
And those who don’t buy into the vampire/werewolf teen drama will likely hate – and mock – the film for those flaws. Where your loyalties lie will determine how much you’ll love or hate “New Moon.”
“New Moon” is the second story in the four-part “Twilight” saga written by Stephenie Meyer. In “New Moon,” Bella (Kristen Stewart) is left hearbroken when her vampire boyfriend Edward (Robert Pattinson) breaks up with her. She grows closer to her friend Jacob (Taylor Lautner), a werewolf, who’s in love with her. Meanwhile, Edward is lead to believe Bella is dead, so he plans to kill himself in Italy by involving the vampire coven the Volturi.
The best scenes are those involving the Volturi. Michael Sheen shines as the gleefully evil Aro. Dakota Fanning’s scary, icy Jane is given criminally little screen time, but she’s fun to watch while she’s there.
Stewart and Pattinson haven’t changed their game plans for tackling the two starring roles. This will make “Twilight” fans happy, while detractors will find plenty to mock.
Having read the books, this is my least favorite story, and I didn’t enjoy this one the way I did “Twilight.” It’s awfully hard to enjoy a story in which the main character is in a deep, indulgent depression during much of it.
“Twilight” fans will love “New Moon,” and its critics will find a lot of problems. For those rare people who are a little bit of both, the movie is an odd mix of compelling scenes and more than a few “oh, please” moments.
“New Moon” is rated PG-13 and is showing at the Malco theaters in Tupelo and Oxford and Hollywood Premier Cinemas in Starkville
I give “New Moon” a B minus.

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Wizard 106’s Kelli Karlson gives “New Moon” an A. “I haven’t read the books but I enjoyed it for what it was – a sweet vampire love story.”

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