MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Unstoppable’ starts fast, then speeds up

If you’re the kind of person who says, “Give it to me straight, Hollywood. I can take it,” then “Unstoppable” is for you.
Directed by Tony Scott, this movie wastes no time in getting the action started.
There’s a train on the loose, and it’s hauling enough chemicals to turn a significant portion of Pennsylvania into a toxic waste dump.
While the suits in charge of the rail company consider the damage to the bottom line, it’s up to a pair of regular Joes to stop the train.
Frank (Denzel Washington) is the old hand. He’s got a pair of daughters who don’t appreciate him, and he’s being forced into early retirement.
Our young gun is Will (Chris Pine). He went a little crazy one night, and now his wife has a restraining order against him.
They’re going about their day, hooking up cars and not getting along very well, when they learn that train No. 777 is heading right at them.
I hope I’m not giving too much away when I say the crisis is averted, and Frank decides he and Will need to do something about the runaway train.
The company bigwigs aren’t supportive, but their dispatcher, Connie (Rosario Dawson), sees that their plan may be the best hope the good people of Pennsylvania have.
There are choppers in the air, police at the railroad crossings and children in jeopardy. It’ll make you squirm and twist in your seat at times, especially when Frank and Will’s heroics begin in earnest.
Based on true events, “Unstoppable” doesn’t play like reality. Even with the twisting and turning in your seat, there’s a paint-by-numbers quality to the story. You might be surprised by the lack of surprises.
But you’ll find plenty of action, and Washington and Pine certainly have charisma on screen.
I give “Unstoppable” a B.
It’s showing at the Cinemark in Tupelo, as well as Malcos in Oxford, Corinth and Columbus, Hollywood Premier Cinemas in Starkville and Movie Reel 4 in New Albany.

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Kelli Karlson with Wizard 106.7 gives “Unstoppable” an A. “You’ll pay for the whole seat, but you’ll only need the edge.”

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