MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Warrior’s Way’ mixes genres to good effect

By M. Scott Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

I hadn’t seen much pre-release press about “The Warrior’s Way,” so I approached the movie with an open mind.
From the beginning, I suspected this story was different from what usually hits the big screen.
We see an assassin called Yang (Dong-gun Jang) and he’s facing off against other Asians. But the voice-over (Geoffrey Rush) is in an American accent, something you’d hear in a western movie. I was intrigued.
It’s Yang’s job to kill every member of a rival clan, and that means killing a baby. When she laughs at him, Yang’s unable to finish the deed.
Instead, he takes the baby and goes on the run from his own clan. He finds his way to a broken down town somewhere in the American West.
First, he makes friends with Lynne (Kate Bosworth), a spirited woman with a haunted past. Then, Yang and baby April (Analin Rudd) become part of the community.
Trouble comes in the form of the Colonel (Danny Huston), the leader of an outlaw band that makes their own laws on the frontier. If Yang stands up to the Colonel’s crew, members of the clan will know how to find him. What’s a reformed sword master to do?
“The Warrior’s Way” is a stylized movie. Most of the sets are computer-generated, which makes the story feel like a fable.
There’s a high body count. It’d probably take 20 or more viewings to count all the bodies, and I still wouldn’t trust the final number. Like the setting, the violence is stylized. There’s blood, but it’s not nearly as graphic as viewers have come to expect.
I was surprised and entertained by this movie from writer and director Sngmoo Lee. I kept making predictions about how characters would behave, and many of those predictions were wrong.
I give “The Warrior’s Way” a B.
It’s showing at the Malco in Tupelo, as well as Malcos in Oxford, Corinth and Columbus, and Hollywood Premier Cinemas in Starkville.

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