Murder, Mayhem, Mirth

By M. Scott Morris
Daily Journal
CORINTH – The play within Corinth Theatre-Arts’ play turns deadly.
“It’s probably a play within a play within a play,” said David Maxedon, director.
In “You Have the Right to Remain Dead,” we start off with an over-the-top Southern gothic tale that riffs on plays by Tennessee Williams.
The characters have names like Fat Daddy, Hyacinth, Sweet Mama and Savannah.
“Everything is bigger than life, just as melodramatic as you can imagine,” Maxedon said.
But something goes wrong. The audience and the other actors expect one character to die, then someone else is murdered.
What we have is a mystery, and everyone is a suspect.
“The audience gets to give their guess about who the killer is,” Maxedon said. “In the story, the audience members could be suspects, so the actors on stage ask the audience questions: ‘You look suspicious. Where were you?’ The actors break through the fourth wall in theater to address the audience directly.”
An off-duty police officer doing security for the show will take command of the situation. He’ll lock the doors and interrogate suspects.
Maxedon said the play will end with an Agatha Christie-type climax, where the officer calls all the suspects into a room and explains exactly how the deed took place.
It’s at least one play within another play, and there very well could be another play inside the first two.
You’ll also get to have a little fun with Tennessee Williams and Agatha Christie.
And don’t forget – there’s always a chance that you’re the murderer.
These kinds of opportunities don’t come around very often, so you may want to reserve your seat for a night of murder, mayhem and mirth.
“This is a really funny show,” Maxedon said. “It all comes together when you see it.”

M. SCOTT MORRIS / NEMS Daily Journal

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