My Loving Dad: Mycah Sanders

By Mycah Sanders

About the author: Mycah Sanders is the 11-year-old daugther of Greg and Esther Sanders. She is the fourth of seven girls. Mycah loves the outdoors. She is homeschooled and in the fall will begin seventh grade. She enjoys spending time with her dad while working in the yard, planting a garden and going on adventures in the woods. Mycah has a goal of reading the Bible through by year’s end. Her essay is about her father, Greg Sanders.

by Mycah Sanders

I know I am loved by my dad because he teaches me God’s Work.
He disciplines me so that I may see that I am saved by grace!
My face is happy and my hands clap with glee, because God has
let me have a father that cares for me!

This is the most important thing, but you will see there are lots of
fun things that he does with me …
Sometimes we swim, bike or walk. Other times we eat, sit or talk.
There are many things I can do with my dad,
and spending time with him makes me very glad!

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