My new addiction:

Forget Spotify.

It’s useful, yeah, I get it, but it just isn’t fun.

What is fun is

I know I’m a teensy bit late to this game, but, like with Spotify, I’m not allowed to stream very much up here at work and then I don’t have the Internet at home. But when I can sneak in a few minutes, I love spending it on

Here’s the basic idea: You have your own room in which to DJ, and your audience judges the music you play – either “lame” or “awesome” (too many “lame” votes and your song will stop; “awesome” votes earn you DJ points). Alternately, you can join someone else’s room and either DJ with them or just listen. If you like what you hear, your little avatar dances.

There is a nice chat on the side, where you can get to know your fellow listeners and DJs.

I only tried DJ’ing for a few minutes before I left to join the room started by Paste magazine editor Josh Jackson. I’ve been hanging out in there, listening to all kinds of awesome music. I’ve really enjoyed discovering a lot of new music in there. And, it’s been fun chatting with Josh, other Paste folks and Paste readers.

I can stream music on Sundays, when there aren’t a lot of people here at work, so I’ll try to start opening up a room and inviting y’all to join me. Just look for updates here or on Twitter.

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