Nashville musicians join Pulp Fusion for show

Both Brent Mason and Adam Nitti are professional musicians, but what they do are two very different things.
But the pair, both based in Nashville, are coming together to perform with Pulp Fusion – made up of local musicians Jason Palmer, David Duncan and Chris Carver – at a one-of-a-kind show at Woody’s tonight. The show will include music written by Nitti, Mason and Pulp Fusion musicians.
For bass player, composer, producer, educator and writer Adam Nitti, the musical improv will come naturally. After all, he’s a jazz musician.
“That’s what’s really cool and exciting about this show. Jason and the rest of the guys and I are all sort of sharing set lists. There’ll be a neat mix of musical styles and musical directions,” he said. “We don’t know what direction it’s all gonna take.”
Nitti writes his own music, plays for other musicians, teaches young musicians how to play bass and writes columns.
“Musicians are not just necessarily specializing in one area as they used to do,” he said. “I think at the very core I’d have to say I’m an artist, because my music, my composition, my passion to try to pursue excellence on my instrument has been the driving force since I was a kid. … There’s Adam Nitti, the artist, there’s Adam Nitti, the educator, and then there’s Adam Nitti, bassist for hire.”
Brent Mason, on the other hand, has two main jobs as a musician: writing and performing his own music, and working as a session musician. He’s played on albums by George Strait, Alan Jackson, Shania Twain and Brooks & Dunn.
“It is kinda heaven. I consider it heaven, when you’re doing what you love to do,” he said.
Mason’s own music is a mix of sounds.
“You’re gonna hear some hot rocking country, a little jazzy R&B, and a lot of instrumental music,” he said.
He’s been influenced by everything he’s listened to since he was a kid, which helps out in his job as a session musician.
“It makes me a chameleon. I can sound like I’ve played (that) genre of music all my life, and then I can turn around and play on another record,” he said.
Mason’s excited to come to Tupelo and share his music with Nitti and Pulp Fusion.
“It’s gonna be fun, high energy and a lot of great musicianship,” he said. “You’ll see a lot of guys playing remarkable stuff.”

Turn It Up
WHAT: Brent Mason, Adam Nitti and Pulp Fusion

WHEN: 9 tonight

WHERE: Woody’s, Tupelo

COST: $10

INFO: (662) 871-0750

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