“…Not Just a Dirty Rumor” a joy to hear

If Cory Taylor Cox‘s debut solo album, “…Not Just a Dirty Rumor,” sounds a little strange, there’s a good reason for it.

It’s kind of like organic produce. To those who are used to fruit juiced up with chemicals, organic produce may taste a little weird. Likewise, for music fans who only listen to oversung, slickly produced mainstream pop, Cox’s album may sound a little different. That’s because Cox’s album is a pure, organic record – the music is true, the lyrics are true. It’s one of the most pure records released in quite a while.

Fans of Cox’s intimate live shows are familiar with tracks like “It’s Not a Lion, It’s a Giraffe and There are Twelve,” and “Why Did God Create Ants?” Such tunes have carried over well to the record studio.

Cox, who is currently based out of Oxford, plays music that is a blend of acoustic folk and pop. His lyrics are confessional, honest, heartfelt and funny.

“I’ve been wasting all my life/I refuse to waste tonight/I’m 21 years old, I’m 21 years old,” he sings in the excellent “If Snakes Were on Your Plane I’d Be the First in Line to Administer the Anti-Venom.”

The tracks range from the jaunty – like the poppy, offbeat “The Unfortunate Consequences of Damp Socks and Mickey D’s Sweet Tea” – to the comforting – like intimate, gorgeous sleepers “Because You Asked So Nicely, A Song for Mindy” and “Our First Kiss in the Snow, Our Last Kiss in the Snow.”

Cox is backed up on the album by a terrific host of musicians who clearly understand and add a new dimension to Cox’s music.

“…Not Just a Dirty Rumor” serves Cox well. It captures his unique solo sound that garnered him so many fans across North Mississippi. It also sets the stage for Cox to move forward, whether it’s with more of his own solo work or with his new band, Cory Taylor Cox and the Time Machine.

On the most superficial level, fans of indie folk and pop will adore Cox’s album. But for anyone who’s searching for something a little deeper beyond buzz words will find a wealth of beauty in this treasure of a record. “…Not Just a Dirty Rumor” is a true, heartfelt, pure record. It’s the sound of a 20-something man making his way in the world.

You can buy Cory Taylor Cox’s “…Not Just a Dirty Rumor” at CDBaby.com and iTunes.

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