Oh, December.

Geez, and I thought Thanksgiving was a tough holiday to survive.

With Christmas comes a lot of holiday parties and get-togethers (here at the Journal we have two food-related events, and that’s not counting get-togethers with my friends), and then there’s everything involved with getting ready for the season (shopping, decorating, wrapping, etc).

All of this means extra cooking, extra food, extra time spent doing things that Have To Be Done. I do my working out at night (I am NOT a morning kind of girl), so by the end of the day – after working and getting Christmas-y things done – I’m done. I’m lucky if I make it to the gym. And if I’m there, I’m probably drinking a Red Bull to keep up my energy.

So, December has been about maintaining for me. I’m still at 35. I’m OK with this, since it has been a tough season.

But really, I’m not sure how someone manages to lose weight in a month like this. I love the holiday season – spending time with folks you don’t see often, that sort of thing – but at the same time, all of the hustle and bustle leaves me tired and reaching for the most convenient food possible (also, whatever takes the shortest amount of time to fix) and for my bed, because it seems like I don’t spend enough time with it.

So, I’m trying to eat as well as I can.

I’m trying to go to the gym as much as I can.

If maintaining is all I do this month, I’ll be happy.

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